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Item skill passive



Hi all, Today i edit a bit Tattoos, and i want to make it nice. I try to edit tattoos to keep in inventory (Without Equip) and get passive skill. I add Skill.

This is XML from Tattoo

	<item id="486" type="Armor" name="Tattoo of Fire">
		<set name="icon" val="icon.weapon_voodoo_doll_i00" />
		<set name="default_action" val="EQUIP" />
		<set name="armor_type" val="LIGHT" />
		<set name="bodypart" val="chest" />
		<set name="immediate_effect" val="true" />
		<set name="crystal_count" val="276" />
		<set name="crystal_type" val="D" />
		<set name="material" val="DYESTUFF" />
		<set name="weight" val="4050" />
		<set name="price" val="117000" />
		<set name="enchant_enabled" val="1" />
			<add order="0" stat="pDef" val="73" />
			<enchant stat="pDef" val="0" />

and this is Skill XML 

 <skill id="27000" levels="1" name="Tattoo Of Strenght Passive">
		<table name="#maxHp">2.00 </table> 
		<table name="#maxMp">2.00 </table> 
		<table name="#cAtk">2.00 </table>
		<table name="#rCrit">2.00 </table> 
		<table name="#pvpPhysDmg">2.00 </table> 
		<table name="#pvpPhysDef">2.00 </table> 
		<set name="icon" val="icon.weapon_voodoo_doll_i00" />
		<set name="operateType" val="P" />
		<set name="targetType" val="SELF" />
			<effect name="Buff">
			 <mul stat="pAtk" val="#maxHp"/>
			 <mul stat="mAtk" val="#maxMp"/>
			 <mul stat="pDef" val="#cAtk"/>
			 <mul stat="mDef" val="#rCrit"/>
             <mul stat="pvpPhysDmg" val="#pvpPhysDmg"/>
			 <mul stat="pvpPhysDef" val="#pvpPhysDef"/>

Now, How i can edit Items To have effect from skill and to have skill at passive?

Can help me someone?

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If you want to make the item to give the skills without equip you need to change the item TYPE

( in l2jserver files it would look something like this )


<item id="73055" type="EtcItem" name="Tatoo of Something">
        <set name="etcitem_type" val="RUNE" />
        <set name="immediate_effect" val="true" />
        <set name="material" val="PAPER" />
        <set name="weight" val="120" />
        <set name="handler" val="ItemSkills" />
        <set name="item_skill" val="27000-1" />


skill id 

skill level



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On 9/12/2022 at 9:46 PM, demzyraggaa said:

is it possible that when I equip an armor I can execute a skill at the same time? or summon an npc?


Yes, start from UseItem.java and locate the method called to equip an item. When the item is successfully equipped (passed the checks), add your logic. Modern packs usually offer some kind of OnEquipListener, so you don't need to hardcode your logic inside useEquippableItem. Figure out yourself the best way to do it.

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