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[Image: j5quZzV.png]
Website: http://l2emi.eu/
Grand Opening: 31.05.2018 at 20:00 GMT+2
Now online is Open Beta Server

Exp - x7
SP - x7
Party Exp - x1.3
Adena - x5
Drop - x4
Spoil - x4
Drop Seal Stones - x4
Quest Reward - x1
Quest Item Drop - x2
Raid Boss Drop - x1
Raid Boss Drop Chance - x3
Epic Boss Drop - x1

Safe +3
Max +16
Chance 60%

General settings:
- Free teleports up to 40lv
- Low B Grade Weapons, Armor and Jewelry in Luxury
- Newbie Buffer from 6 lvl to 61 lvl, (All Buffs with maximum lvl)
   + Fighter: Might, Shield, Haste, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Vampiric Rage, Magic Barrier, Guidance, Regeneration.
   + Mage: Empower, Shield, Acumen, Blessed Body, Blessed Soul, Magic Barrier, Concentration, Regeneration.
- Buff time: WC / EE / SE / OL / PP - 20 min (Retail), Dance / Songs / Summon buffs 4min (That is x2)
- 20 buffs slots +4 Divine Inspiration
- 1st and 2nd Class Quest or Marks to be purchased in the Luxury for adena, 3rd Class Quest to be done normaly
- .Menu - Repair, Password change, PM on / off, Trade on / off, Bind IP, Auto HP / CP.
- Light boost for Core Ring and Orfen Earing.
- Decreased drop of SpellBooks about -30%.
- In the first two weeks Zariche and Akamanah weapons will be disabled.
- Olimpiada will start a month after server startup.
- First siege two weeks after server startup.
- The quest for the subclass will be slightly modified, it will be possible to kill baiuma or get 30 fabricks .
- All Epic Bosses will have fixed respawn time + random time. (eg Baium every 4 Days always at 18 +/- 1h) [The date of the next respawn will be displayed on the page without exact hour]
- IP lock on the Olympiad, 1 IP = 1 Character.
- Unlimited Offlineshop.
- Number of active accounts per HWID 1 + 2
- LS, GC, Enchants stackable
- Anty-Bot, Anti-Cheat - L2s-Guard Protection
- Additional Bot Report on the site, GMs will receive notifications about your report in game
- Web Statistics: Top 50 PvP, Top 50 PK, Castle Owners.
- Own Drop Calculator on the site, will be based on our Drop / Spoil Database.
- Server location: France, Strasbourg.

Boss Respawn:
-All Raid Bosses 24h +12h Random
-Subclass Raid Bosses 12h +6h Random
-Queen Ant 2 days -> 18:00 +2h random
-Core 2  days  -> 17:00 +2h random 
-Orfen  2 days  -> 21:00 +2h random
-Frintezza 2 days  -> 22:00 +2h random
-Zaken 3 days  -> 19:00 +2h random
-Baium 5 days -> 18:00 +2h random
-Antharas 8 days  ->  18:00 +2h random
-Valakas 11 days  -> 19:00 +2h random

Low B-Grade changes:


Heavy armor:
+ 5 Speed
+ 4% HP recovery rate
+ 1 DEX
+ 1 STR
- 2 CON

Light Armor:
+4 Evasion
+2% P.atk / P.atk.Spd
+1 STR
-2 CON

Robe Armor:
M. Atk. +10%
MP Regeneration +2,5%
MP +150
+1 MEN
-1 WIT

Heavy armor:
+294 HP
+ 2 CON
- 1 DEX
- 1 STR
with Shield +24% shield defense rate

Light Armor:
M. Def. +5.25%
MP +100
+ 1 CON
- 1 DEX
Point at which a weight penalty is applied +5795

Robe Armor:
P. Def. +5.247%
Casting Spd. +15%

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Posted (edited)

Before register... Open your .xml file from stats and tell me.. 
How is Mana Potion?

Reuse ?
Power ?


These words "Grand Opening for the xxx time", "Success", "Wipe", "2 weeks L2 server", "DDoS", "another crappy server".. all of these means MxC community (a bunch of loosers, tards and skiddies) .. I hope you wont expect to get some players from this community, cause there are only admins on your server :) and I doubt you have 750+ players... but I'll give a try :P

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Posted (edited)

Online is increasing day by day and that's cool. 

On start we had around 750 and now its 860+ in evenings. 

GM is fixing bugs frequently if they appear.


Worth to give it a try guys :)

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Its really the worst server i ever played.

Restarts every hour because of bugs.

Restarts take like 10 mins and some times even 4 hours.

More than 10 bugs  (cant pick up, cant move, cant target mob, cant hit mob, after mob death it stays there until server restart).


Totaly not even worth to visit the website.


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