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L2 Elysian Summer Edition x100 High-Five 15 June 2018. We have prepared a light and easy server to enjoy the game even more and jump straight to action. Beta Open 12/06/2018 Join Us !! 






Experience (EXP): 100x
Skill Points (SP): 100x
Adena : 20x
Drop Items: 20x
Spoil: 20x
Recs-Keys: 1x
Quest Experience (EXP): 3x
Quest Skill Points (SP): 3x
Quest Adena: 3x
Quest Drop Items: 3x
Weight Limit: 5x
Manor: 3x
Extract Fish: 3x
Safe Enchant: 3
Max. Enchant: 16
Normal Scroll chance: 60%
Blessed Scroll chance: 65%
Elemental Max. Level: Level 7
Elemental Stone chance: 50%
Elemental Crystal chance: 40%
- Off-like geodata 100% working
- Heroes Every 7 days (Saturday)
- Territory Wars/Siege's Every Week
- Grand Bosses Every Week
- Special system on pvp zone (grand boss-siege zones) allows only 1 client per hwid
- Freya/Frintezza 1 party (9 players)
- Hard Freya 2 party (18 players)
- Beleth 2 party (18 players)
- Olympiad period decrease from 1 month to 1 week
- Olympiad base class and 3v3 remove
- Maximum subclass level is 85
- Mana potion restore 1000 MP with Cooldown of 10 seconds
- All skills are learned automatically
- Buff lasts 2 hours
- 24 (+4) buff-slots, 12 for songs and dances.



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We calculate the advertising budget ,we will spend a large amount  of money and you will see that at the future  . We hope players will believe on this server because the files is good and quality .People which work on that project is not corrupted and they want a good server with a lot of fun for the players . I hope you to join us and give us the chance to prove it! 

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