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[L2J] L2Reef

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Solomun    5
8 minutes ago, chris9 said:

Cant like to all ppl :p 

I know. Plus my expectations from pvp servers are weird and do not match with today's features. You could say i am a bit old fashioned on this :)

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Myura    0
On 18/09/2017 at 4:17 PM, chris9 said:

Hello Aeron doggy, you are banned cause you try to use bot as all we know,next "the ADMINS rules" you think they let free players who flame and destroy them project? did your ever try to open server?
they give a lot of money,cant 1 kid like you destroy them with spam on shout etc,so go to your "AERON" and let that guys with us that we like to play free... gl

Aeron doggy ?! hahaha. why u talk like u know me? i dont even play on this aeron server and i never mention it in any of my posts.

ur the dog buddy, why u keep this server side ? ur gm doggie? close friend?

i dont care honest, this reef server is fail !

u already know that i was using bot, how ? u are in my pc? u can see my files? just kidding .

i know for a fact ur brainwashed, u talk in someones defense without knowing real facts, but hey thats a loyal dog do.

first u come here and acuse me of using bot, then u call me a liar, then u say i was flaming the server on shout,

so i got few questions for u:

what was my char name ?

why would i use a bot when server have antibot ?

who is this "we" who knew i was banned for"try" to use a bot?

P.S> since u came here insulting me without any real evidence of what u write in ur post its obvious u are a friend of gm or part of the staff of this trash server.

i can reveal my char name and ur friend gm reef can upload some pics with server logs where i am flaming char or "try" to use a bot

 i can prove i didnt do nothing of what u said, can u ?

about "the project" , yes i opened servers in my home for fun and testing, but never a public server, thats why i know all this "hard work" is copy-paste l2reef and ppl like u and this gm killed l2.

gl... dog



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