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Pvp Awards Color





Boa tarde maxcheaters, tenho um pouco de dúvida ..
Como posso colocar o anúncio pvp premio para aparecer em amarelo igual à foto acima?
Eles estavam com um varejo .. queria colocá-los em amarelo ..
Eles parecem com isso:
Minha linha tem esta aparência: sendMessage ("Voce obteve" + quantidade + "unidade de" + reward.getName () + ".");
Meu projeto é L2JFrozen

Final item int = Config.PVP_REWARD_ID;
Final int item1 = Config.PVP_REWARD_ID1;
Final L2Item recompensa = ItemTable.getInstance (). GetTemplate (item);
Final L2Item reward1 = ItemTable.getInstance (). GetTemplate (item1);
Final int amount = Config.PVP_REWARD_AMOUNT;
Final int amount1 = Config.PVP_REWARD_AMOUNT1;
GetInventory (). AddItem ("Ganhar PvP", Config.PVP_REWARD_ID, Config.PVP_REWARD_AMOUNT, isto, nulo);
GetInventory (). AddItem ("Ganhando PvP", Config.PVP_REWARD_ID1, Config.PVP_REWARD_AMOUNT1, isto, nulo);
SendMessage ("Voce obteve" + quantidade + "unidade de" + reward.getName () + ".");
SendMessage ("Voce obteve" + quantidade1 + "unidades de" + reward1.getName () + ".");

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The "color" is simply addItem( with boolean true to send message.

I created the line here in SystemMessageId however everyone who has it has the $ 1 in the sentence, and mine is different ..
* ID: 2155<br>
* Message: $s1 request teleport to $s2. Do you accept?
My line looks like this:
sendMessage ("Voce obteve" + quantidade + "unidade de" + reward.getName () + ".");
How do I have to stay so I can call the pvp line?
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As said before, the same, similar way. $s1, $s2 will be replaced with proper code line. Search over eclipse for the code and see how it works.

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    • from what it seems the whole server left, rofl, only one still online is the bot clan u give gear to 
    • Good luck with your sales buddy. You can re-design the html (action) part and the item engine. (You got a retail trade system 😉 )
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    • any edit on "onscreendamage" for damage received? or even mp cp hp healing
    • Based on 2 projects means you have ripped what you could from them.
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