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hellbound [L2J] L2Vincere


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Vincere: To win, Vanquish, Overcome, Prevail, To Defeat.


Hello All. I bring you the brand new H5 L2J L2 Server - L2 Vincere x55 Craft/PVP

Our goal is to provide the best gaming experience and to build an everlasting community of mature players.


Our Server is open for Beta on 22 July 2016 at 1800 Berlin, 1600 UTC, 1300 Rio Grande Brasil, 1400 New York.

With official launch on 27 July 1200 ZULU. Please come check us out!




We have custom siege reward - Each castle owner will be allowed to choose 2 pieces of Elegia armor after each siege period.

Thus making Elegia obtainable but rare as well as promoting siege participation.


We've also set Olympiad times to best suit both European and America communities.

Olympiad times are currently set to 1400-1800 Server time (VET, UTC-4, EDT) or 1800-2400(CEST/Berlin)


We have a well put together forum so that you can promote your clan to and grow it to Vincere, here at L2 Vincere.


I must stress that we are here for the community so please post any suggestions you have in the forums at L2vincere.com/forum.


The Basics:
XP Rates: x55.
SP Rate: x55
Adena: x25
Spoil: x25

Drop: x20
Safe Enchant: +4.
Max Enchant: +16.
Normal Scroll Chance: 60%
Blessed Scroll Chance: 70%
Starting Level: 1.
Starting Subclass Level: 40.
Buff Skill Time: 2 Hours.
Achievement System for fame!
Auto Learn Skills.
Max Buffs: 32
Max Dance/Song Amount: 14
All High Five Skills working 100%
Olympiad Period: 1 week.
Siege Period: 2 week.
Smart Community Board with buffer, Gatekeeper, Blacksmith, warehouse, Database search, Clan options, Auction House, Top event players, Top ranking players and much more.
Anti-Feed Olympiad System.
Premioum Account System

.control : Character Control Panel
.away / .back :
.party [message]
.ach / .achievements : open achievements menu
CTRL+CLICK: To add multiple stones on your armor/weapons
.seige : Show full Siege information
And many more. Use Alt+b > Commands to see all in game commands

Character Control Panel .control
Hide animations (Great if you have GPU lag or don't want to see chain heals going off constantly)
HWID Lock - prevent your char from being logged by another HWID
Set Offline shop
Change account password
Repair char
Cwh Privs
Block Buffs/Exp
Hide stores
And more..

Name Color Changer
Hellbound Teleporter
Class Master
Observation Manager - Observe towns, villages, Raid Boss areas
Npc for transfer character and wash PKs
Siege Informer
Grand Boss info
Delevel Manager
And more.....

FFA - Last Man standing
Lucky Creatures
Team Cature the flag
FFA - Treasure Hunt
Team Korean Style
Last Hero
Korean Style
And more..

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