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  1. Probably one of the best projects i've seen so far... logged in to check it out and wow it was addictive! Quick, fun PvP and most importantly you dont even need to be a good player as everything is that simple!! All characters have the same stats so everyone is equal! And as far as i know a lot more features will be added later on so that will be highly addictive.. like back in the good old days.. i'd highly recommend to at least try a few games and see for yourself how addictive this is!! Keep up the good work Elfo. "Simple and Minimalist!"
  2. Hello everyone, Currently I am looking for someone experienced in Java coding to help me do all the codes for me on interlude. If anyone is interested please contact me on Skype (gerardas.adalevskis) Pay rate: 2.5 euros for an hour of coding
  3. -.- download a clean system and thats it ..................
  4. Good luck with your project ! :) ill try to bring the oldskool with your pack
  5. hello :) does anyone know where I could get LineageII Chronicle 3 Client?
  6. Hello :troll: I had an Idea last night but first... does anybody know if there are Cloaks adapten on Interlude? if yes so could u please share the download link or something would be really thankfull
  7. ahaha thanks but i just made the XML and SQL files cuz i got pissed off when someone uploads custom items without SQL's and XML's....