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Guide Guide To Hextech Crafting

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Hi everyone! I've been opening lots of hextech chests on the PBE and posting the results, and a lot of people have had questions over how this works, so I'll try to clear it up. Riot's page about is here, which I'll be using as a base for my explanation as well as adding what I've learned from opening 350+ chests. Please feel free to correct me if anything I say is incorrect!champion-mastery-panel-1.png




Chests are received in several ways. Whenever you or someone in your party, not team, receives any S rank (S-, S, S+), then you will receive a chest. This can happen up to 4 times a month, or once a week (same thing). Every champion can give you one chest per season, so once you earn a chest with, say, Braum, you won't earn another with him for earning an S rank. source. Chests are only dropped on SR, since that map is the only one currently that gives mastery points.









drop randomly when you win games. It's not mandatory to be in a premade but it does increase the drop rate a littlesource
  • Not tied to mastery level
  • Must win in order to get key drop
  • Can be any matchmade mode: ARAM, SR, TT
  • Being in premade increases drop rate slightly





All normal, legacy, legendary, and ultimate skins are available to be won. Sorry, no limited skins... No Championship Riven






Okay, so you've opened your chest and found a shard. What can you do with it? You have 4 choices, these are the same for ward skin shards, champion shards, and skin shards.

  • Wait until you have 3 shards of a similar kind (3 skin shards, 3 champ shards, etc) and re-roll them for a permanent skin. This skin may or may not be for a champion you already own. If it is, then you unlock that skin automatically. If not, then the skin will be added to your loot tab as something you can treat as a shard, in that you can disenchant it and roll it for another skin/champion.

  • You can disenchant skin shards/ward skin shards for cosmetic essence, which is what you need to upgrade any skin or ward skin shards to a permanent status. You can disenchant champion shards for champion essence.

  • You can upgrade your shard to a permanent status by combining the shard with a given number of essence. Champion shards require champion essence.

  • Finally, you can consume the shard to unlock it in a rental state. By consuming the shard, you get to use whatever it was for 7 days before it goes away.

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I'm too lazy to read it all, do I get some rewards if I already have farmed up mastery on some champion?

Probably you're too stupid and not lazy. By looking at the photos you can clearly understand whats going on.


Rank S = chest (1 per champ)

Random win = Key


Chest + key = Whatever Adeles looking for.

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