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 - Functions








- Exclusive Layout



- Programming in PHP PDO



- Anti Inject



- Rankings Standards



- User panel page with donations & unlock function char



- Server Status - Script



- Players Online



- Register account



- Recover password



- Pages stylized and configured



- Majority of information is within the connect / conect.php



- Required SQL statements within the site



- PSDS the logo editable






- Visual Site V.1.0
the site was built intended to be objective and organized, so is a light and elegant site


- Account Register
The website has a whole record done in PDO, with email and SSN, for those who do not remember SSN is a code that the system generates, is used to recover the password if you lose it... 















- Password Recovery



The system uses login, email and SSN for password recovery, only with all the information the player will be able to modify the password. 













- Ranking System 
The main rankings are: 
1. PVP
2. PK














Hidden Content






Credits: Upug


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You must register from web. Web is crypting in other format and you cant enter the world in game. You must recode-rework it

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Ηas a problem open page folder and register.php and go at line 22 and 23 and change this


$ssn1 = mt_rand(1000,9999);
$ssn2 = mt_rand(100,999);
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