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[How much time do u play in a day? (l2 wow cs , etc)]


How much time do u play any game in a day?  

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  1. 1. How much time do u play any game in a day?

    • 1-2 hours i have a like , nw
    • 2-4 bah i can play that and not be a pc junky
    • 4-6 school-work what is that?
    • 7+ Life what is that?

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u can summate the time u play if u play many games IN 1 DAY


i actually have quit playing anything beacuse of the study so may be 1 hour a week




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sometimes trackmania 2-3 hours on weekends , i dont play l2,wow,cs etc



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some days 2-4 some days 12-13 some days i dont play...some days 1 hour^^ if there is a siege or i need points in Oly i could play very much(i have stop l2 atm ,in this week im playing only cs...waiting for a GREAT server that will open to be burned :P )

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can someone explain me what is life? :P

Basicaly i sit 2-4 hours but if i could i would

gladly sit for 7 hours + if i didnt have school or work

but if i could go for bastketball with my friends

i would preffer to play all day from the morning till night basketball

u know why?Cause basketball makes u tall and its way too awesome :D

my dream is to "Karfoso?" :P

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mmmmmmm.................I think i am the most addicted here sometimes i play l2 form 7 morning to 10 night but one summer i was playing cod2 for about 8-10 hours....

Life???What is that???:)

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