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    Shit Happens ! ! !
  1. update: server classes had been balanced for pvp
  2. Server updated* p.s. flame away this is not a easy gameplay server
  3. new server 1 day old 15 ppl online friendly comunity
  4. first join server and then thalk p.s. you can join academy at lvl 40
  5. http://L2Xtreem.ucoz.com Lineage ][ Xtreem Freya PvP All you need in shop Full buffs The New Age Of PvP Start level 40 LvL 85 in 1 min Subclass Level 85 Safe enchant 6 Max enchant 30 Enchant rate 75 Blessed Enchant 95 Two Custom stat Items Custom 2 Farming Zones Custom PvP Zone 5 Subclass NO quest Custom class changer Noblesse no quest Fast farming Events: team vs team Last man standing Hide and seek Trivia Kill the beast Server Update: Scheme buffer Special RB drop added in pvp zone Farm 2 changed to favori
  6. BumP If you don't know the game just try it for a few days, i guarantee you will be amazed how nice and fun this game is.
  7. Shot Online Acc lvl 102 zygmunt. full clubs fitted, full stats clothes, master pro. 1.5 bil ng on acc,drinks & stuff. i give the acc with the e-mail so you will be sure i won't steal it back. the price is 100$, i invested a lot more in CC. contact me with pm or at yahoo id: vexxatu_vexx_05@yahoo.com
  8. how can i add a pvp drop? wen you kill a player you recive 1 coin of luck
  9. cine ma ajuta sa fac un server de l2? nu prea ma pricep add: farcry_tm
  10. the server is NEW we are starting to build comunity
  11. very original server! , nice features is somenthing you must try !!! great server ! up
  12. i am a beginer at developing and i'm trying to implement some stuff , but i cant find the path is something like this: C:/Documents and Settings/Albion/workspace/Gracia Core/java/net i searched my server pack(g3) but i cant find this ! PLZ HELP