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High Five [L2J] L2 Revenge


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Experience(XP): 5000x 
Skill Points(SP): 5000x 
Adena: 1x 
Drop: 5x 
Weight Limit: 5000x 
Enchant Rates:
Safe enchant: +13 
Max Enchant: +14 
Normal Scroll chance: 100% 
Blessed Scroll chance: 100% 
Elemental Stone Chance: 100% 
Elemental Crystal Chance: 100% 
Basic Features:
Auto Accounts: Enabled 
Buff time: 12 Hours 
Buff slots: 32 
Dance/Songs slots: 16 
Trigger slots: 12 
Max clients per PC: 3 
Subclass Max Level: 85 
Max Subclasses Available: 3 
Geodata: Enabled 
Mana Potions: Enabled 
Subclass Quest: Disabled 
Certification Quest: Disabled / Instant 
Class Master: Enabled 
AutoLoot: Enabled 
AutoLoot Raidboss: Disabled 
Offline shops: Enabled 
Custom Community Board: Enabled 
Server Features:
Character Starting Setup: Vorpal/Elegia + Others
Main Zones: PvP Zone/Farm Zone/Raid Zone/Solo Zone (Auto-Flag on all) 
Solo Zone Implemented 
Visual System: .dressme 
Instant +13 Enchant System
15/30 Buffs available on Scheme Buffer
MP Reuse Delay: 5 Seconds 
Attribute System: 1 click to 300/120 Elemental 
Quake Killing Spree's + Recovery Bonus
Cancellation System: 5 Seconds 
Assist Reward System Such as Cardinal/Prophet/Eva Templar etc... 
1 Custom Raidboss Spawning each 2 hours 
Siege System: Every Weekend
Olympiad System: Every Weekend
Hunter Deathmatch: Every 30 min, the top 3 ranked players will receive extra Revenge Awards
TvT/Deathmatch/Ctf Events running each hour!
Custom Items:
God/Lindvior Armor parts/shields (Only Visual)
10 God Cloaks
3 Swimsuit + 6 Outfits (The outfits may contain bonus stats)
Server Commands:
.dressme / .cloakOff / .cloakOn
Features are not final and they may change!
GRAND OPENING: 01.01.2015





PS: no need to delete topic anymore, haters can flame all they want 

Edited by l2_revenge
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UP! 450 online today




hmmm 470 online right now , but from yesterday only 270 votes and 34th place on topzone :(




it seems like admin needs fake players to fool his real players :D ( arround 150 )

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Warning for players!

 Do not play on this crap server, it's karasu's server like  l2eva, l2wild, l2shilien... he open his shyt  servers every month and close again!

Such servers deserve to have 0 ppl on  

Edited by Davidakos
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i dont know about who youre talking about

but this server has at least 350 real online, log ingame and check it out


Have a nice day!

and less flames please! thank you ^^

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Yes you dont know :D

from the images above everyone can see you are same admin ( same admin with l2eva ) 

also not need too much brain to understand it since server is almost same ( just some htmls changed )


Also as NeverMore said, your real online is max 150. Simple calculations from votes and prove this... There's not reason to say such a bullshits since only tards will believe them!




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photoshop skills strong these days  :-[

your border isnt even copied perfectly

try harder for flames ^^


it is not your concern how our relationship is defined, it is a simple business and not a hide n seek game

i got the files, you got the envy! for me success! 


but thank you for feedback :p ,have a nice day

Edited by l2_revenge
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photoshop? everyone with some googling knowleque tracing skype's ip can find it ;D

nice try to avoid the truth!


but even if you tried as you see you cant hide yourself mr karasu!


and of discussion for me! gn and look forward for your 470 players hahahaha

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axaxaxax fcking retard nevermore bot account

you make me famous 


In case you didnt knew im already running other project, u think i still waste my time with pvp community or hi5 crappy pvp servers?  :happyforever:  :happyforever:

lets see your empire falling down tomorrow, im gonna have a bigger laugh for 10 hours


seeing you makes me feel pity on you, creating fake bot accounts to bump your topic on a 20 online forum or to spam some servers where karasu may be involved

get a life kid jaajaja


you will never get my true attention cuz youre epic failure! completely non-factor to me without a single talent 

Edited by Karasu
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go track

or photoshop more pls ^^ better 


log ingame and you will see the players for your self, you can even count them

i ve already trcked it and posted the results!

and yes i cant count the players but i can count the votes where you cant fake them  :D :D :D :D.

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i ve already trcked it and posted the results!

and yes i cant count the players but i can count the votes where you cant fake them   :D :D :D :D.


you think vote = players?

topzone is not main system


i bet you didnt even log hehe

Edited by l2_revenge
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