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[Share]no drop from pk / no drop for zarich


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ok so it crossed my mind and  have tried this on heavens gate

u **cannot drop** items while trading , so when you are red trade your friend and u can't drop anything , the same goes with zariche , when you're about to die trade your friend and u won't drop it


ps. never tried this thought , but on those servers in witch u **can drop items** while trading (if u are red , trading someone , u die and drop items) maybe u can dupe them ,

by puting the items in the trade window onfirm trade (only your charakter , not the one u trading with)

and dieing (while being red) the second u die , tell him to confirm trade fast

if some 1 wants to test it , ill suppose it would be good if u had a low lvl charakter thats on 1 hit , the other one should have an unbuffed archer and use a double shoot , when the skill is about being cast he confirms the trade.

as i mentioned this is untested , u might waste your time . anyways good luck.

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At well build servers, you can't trade while you are chaotic or pvp engaged.


well then u will have to do the trade 1 and then pk evry one , but in half servers i play u cant target [so no pk] while u r in trade mode so this is kind of usless there is better ways to not drop (i have posted in my collection of xploits bugs [is like in page 5 or 6])

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