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  1. Remove rebirth system so you ll be nobles faster+all rebirth skills on 78/79/80 lv A grades free Come and enjoy !
  2. A grade now free. Come and join :)
  3. natural patch of life if admin doesnt fix bugs and pretend everything is fine.guess there are still 10 people on who aura flare each other :D
  4. Anyway server is dead,15 maybe 20 active people online. Impossible to start for a new players as they have no chance to gear up. Still imbalanced,no events. Avoid
  5. yeah you for sure play gladi thats why you say like that :D im wearing dyna +dyna dagg and dmg is still shitty,specially agaisnt mage Blasters dmg should be nerfed as well since all glads spam 2 skills like aura flare :)
  6. lol fix aura flare spam first then say you removed bugs,whole server runing and brainless spamming one skill which is fixed on almost every server since long time. I use to like playing but there is no fun where pvp last 0,1 sek on spawn because of flare and crazy duelist dmg. HF anyway PS: I play wind rider where i hit mage 800-900 with focus death while mine 12k hp dissapear in 1 sek :)
  7. Server had already rollback yesterday because someone as admin was spawning donate tokens in players inventory. Server is full of bugs and ultra unbalanced-pvp last 3-5 sek. Maybe some people like this kind of fun-I don't. Server gonna die in 2 week i guess anyway cos is not challenging-just brainless farming in custon area to enchant weap till +14 :)
  8. +1,copycat from l2blood ( or this is the same owner) but in really bad way. Waste of time ;)
  9. Sorry but balace while -10 men and still 1,4k+m def,doens work acumen mean fighter server aka dagger/archer ftw. Anyway dead server.
  10. There is no difference between homu and vesper weapon in m atk lol..same stats. Also acumen add about 90 cast speed? FIX IT !
  11. Dont like new features but gl :)
  12. Good for 1 week ;) Every server need to have competitive system to make game interesting. It was like in L2Blood...great server,balanced lot of people(400+) at the start but after 1,5 week dead because people get bored with maxed,oe gear everywhere. So think about it.
  13. and items...think about breakable...not back to previous enchant. It will be more challenging ;)