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Acquire The Ptr Client Faster (Plus Save Bandwidth)


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Hey there, Quick guide on Getting the PTR Client installed Faster, for when you want to check out the PTR. this method also saves you about 8 gig of Download Bandwidth.


1: goto the Account page and download the PTR downloader.

1a: Copy a premade or one of your characters to the PTR Realm.

2: Launch the PTR downloader and let it go until you get the PTR launcher window with the red bar at the bottom.

Once you get to this Stage, Close the launcher.

4: go to your regular wow directory and COPY the data folder.

5: Delete the Data folder in the PTR Folder, then paste in the data folder from your Live Realm folder.

6: Once this finishes copying over navigate to the realmlist.wtf file in the Data folder and open it in notepad.

Clear everything out of that file, and replace it with this:


set realmlist public-test.logon.battle.net
set patchlist public-test.patch.battle.net:1119/patch
set realmlistbn ""
set portal public-test
7: Launch the PTR Launcher again. you have saved about 8 gig of downloading, and are almost done downloading the PTR client.

8: Epic lulz on the PTR.


have a good time :)

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