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Watermark is useless, I don't think that anyone would copy it in order to use it :D You got to work more & read some guides, I also recommend you to ask for some good tips from xDrac & xDamian as they are GFX Moderators and they got some experience on web design. 


Kind Regards. 

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Just not ready to be used. It needs obviously work, it's not bad, but as it comes to me I wouldn't use it on my project for example, you got to practice, don't take this as criticism or anything like that, just take my comments as advices that will help you to improve, since you like GFX stuff, you can improve like any other person.

Good luck :-) 

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Actually web-designing it's not an easy job dude, you have to search for it and what you can use in order to have satisfied results.

In this one, you have lack of resources and designing as mentioned, you have to watch some videos specificly for that (Web-Design) start searching "How To Build A Template" or something like that.

You need to watch a lot of videos be sure about that.

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You need to work more on your template dude..

Plus, I don't think the C4D you used fits at all.. 

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Can't really even understand what's going on in the picture , you might want to start over , try doing backgrounds first until you learn doing that properly , than move on to the content part and menus .


If you are looking for becoming a designer in future , my advice , start of small things like forum signatures etc. until you just do them crazy-good

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Well first of all you need to make your templates "clean" that preview its literally a mess. 

try to use wallpapers for your background you can mix some(thats more advanced) or just use one good looking wallpapper. you should work with HD images always. avoid gradient maps at your boxes, try to make your boxes and your website overall more simple but beautifull ( you can try to use litile borders or textures with very low opacity). about fonts make something readable don't use that custom clownly fonts and don't use small texts but not to bigs either arround 12-14 its okay. make navigator bars aka menu.


aaaaand for the end its something you have to do in order to avoid bugs with width for users that don't have high resolution screens, focus on what i say ^_^ your content ( the part that users sees and uses aka navigator bars,links,texts,scripts and things ) must have maximium width 980pixels, and i reccomend that 980pixels to be at center. 


in case you don't know how to center the 980 pixels i don't know how designers do it but i do it like this:

lets take for example we work on 2000pixeles our background its 2000 pixeles but we wanna make our content at 980pixeles we go in photoshop>view>new guides and we do the math


for A = our workspace in the example 2000pixels

for B = our content 980 pixels


A - B = x / 2 = our first guide

our first rule + B = our second guide


2000 - 980 = 1020 / 2 = 510. we will set up our first guide at 510px

510 + 980 = 1490. we will set up our second guide at 1490px


in the end of story you will see 2 horizontal blue lines and you gonna design your content in there & everyone is happy.


KIU Good luck in your next design

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