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  1. Finished Fpay api, an automated payment and rewarding system with auto ban account option in case of refund. License purchase is available.
  2. Contact me via website www.fasart.net Can't really find you in skype since there are two more contacts with same ID as yours
  3. Very important!: Contact ONLY via official website.
  4. Through the website contact page , send a quote request , after that u'll get a mail reply back and we'll probably go to skype.
  5. I'd recommend you OVH , extremely cheap , ddos protected and very known company , actually its the largest hosting company in europe.
  6. That really depends on what updater you are using , all you have to have in order to design it is the api source. Than just open it up with the program it been developed in, python/c++/C# etc etc , than just arrange the backgrounds , its pretty easy. Though if you are not familiar with these programs than just buy it . 20-30 euro is not that much , I'd charge twice more than that just for the design itself without editing the exe file. Plus additional (small tho) fee to put whole graphic in to the updater exe file.
  7. Can't really even understand what's going on in the picture , you might want to start over , try doing backgrounds first until you learn doing that properly , than move on to the content part and menus . If you are looking for becoming a designer in future , my advice , start of small things like forum signatures etc. until you just do them crazy-good
  8. few simple advices for future works way better results - 1. Never use bevel & embross - it never works right , instead try using gradient or particle gradients to create sort of a shape shadowing etc. 2. Text glow , if you are using same-as-text color for the glowing make its opacity about 30% or less. 3. Try to cut out render edges completely :)
  9. Thanks ;) Though he didn't even contact me so no idea where he toke a 400 quote from , simple websites price is 150-250 . 250-500 a good website, and you guessed the advanced prices which are applied for hand-drawn websites with some special php development as bonus ;)
  10. There are screenshots for that case , plus i'm not very proud of old works, we're much better now.
  11. You probably asking your self , why do i need an UNIQUE designed website ( one of a kind )? -Lat me explain you what role website plays in every and each project/business. Now lats say you have a business , for example an online shop , now what you want is potential customers. For example a potential customer visits your website and sees that you have the best prices out there , now what does he do ? He purchases the product without thinking? - No! What he does is making a list of potential sellers , basically if some of the sellers have a "risky website look" he doesn't even put th