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Help Can't Fix Scheme Buffer



Hello guys :S
im trying to fix my scheme buffer
for some reason when i make a scheme and restart the server the scheme i made before is deleted...

 did i did any mistakes on the config? (this is the in the powepak)

# Npc Buffer - scheme buffer - set buffs - single buffs
BufferEnabled = True
BufferUseCommand = False
BufferCommand = buffs
BufferPrice = 1000
BufferUseBBS = False
#list = skillId,skillLvl;skillId,skillLvl;....
# Max schemes that a player can store. Please, do not use too big values
# Default value: 4 (one per subclass...)
NPCBufferMaxSchemesPerChar = 4
# Max skills that a player can store in each scheme. Please, do not use too big values.
# This value should match to max buffs a player can carry
# Default value: 24 (max buffs are 20+4 in retail)
NPCBufferMaxSkllsperScheme = 32
# This enables/disables storing character schemes at server shutdown to database
# Default = True
NPCBufferStoreSchemes = True
# This is to bypasss SQL Adena amount reference so that you can set the same cost for all
# or even setting them for free.
# Free = 0
# Disabled = -1 (if you want to read adena from SQL)
# Default value: -1
NPCBufferStaticCostPerBuff = -1

and also to change the html on my class master you know the little cat where do i go ?? data/hrml/??? (can't find it)

i use l2jfrozen (interlude)

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and also to change the html on my class master you know the little cat where do i go ?? data/hrml/??? (can't find it)


I think it's in default folder , or in class master.

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there is no class master folder
i searched in default folder but nothing the id of the npc is 31228
i tried to search for the npc id but when i open it its not the class master but the event cat which you give event medals to get potions and shit... im lost :P

i use l2jfrozen interlude if that helps

and about the scheme buffer i still cant make it to store the buff list after a RR the lists are deleted..

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There's no primary key because as you can see there's no column with "unique" pattern. Multiple lines can refer to the same schemes, player, skill id or skill level. There is no problem by itself.


The scheme save is probably made on Shutdown.java, verify if you got a line here. If not then add one. If yes, than shutdown your server correctly.

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Sorry for big bump but the solution is very easy. To fix this issue you have to go to com.l2jfrozen.gameserver.datatables.CharSchemesTable.java and change:
if (PowerPakConfig.NPCBUFFER_STORE_SCHEMES ) to if (PowerPakConfig.NPCBUFFER_STORE_SCHEMES == true) then test it again ;)

Hope I helped you or anyone :P

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