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[Share]Endhant BUG with private store!!!!


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Well i found something!!!But not very sure! ok here we go:first u need much scrolls and of curse item what u want enchant





1. put in F1 start private store sell *and put youre items to sell*

2.click START or begin

3.now press abort

4.now put to F2 weapon ench scroll !!!

5,now press F2 * but dont enchant*

6.then press F1 *Private store sell* and press begin or start

7.then u have this weapon ench window opened same time if u sell this same weapon ...press enchant weapon!

8.weapon is encahnted now press F2 again and abort store

9.then again press F2 to ench weapon but dont enchant it yet

10.and again F1 to make a shop!

11.and like this always!!!



ok if u broke weapon dont cancel youre shop!!! u need to dualbox, login with other char and buy a weapon from the other char who made this shop and encahnted !!!! u get it un broken wep :D



Well i think it works on L2J servers , but try out ... some day we will find the encahnt exploit :D i tryed it kamael server!!!



PLZ no SPAM!!!! or i hide this post!



IF it works on ur servers plz +1 karma :D

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well at least it is like a blessed ench :D , yes and i tryed and it worked but it was a crapy russian serv :D!!! well should i hide it or not? cause its still normal scroll ench but same time blessed! :D

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