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  1. shining consum more mana then draco when you hit
  2. some time in dn x15 i lunch around 7 box with walker but i got a nice pc ;D
  3. i never tried any software listed i just use clone dvd/cd and he is really fine
  4. this was already posted dude and dont hide it cause its still fixed in DN any way i already use it to get rich there
  5. strider bug is posted too many time , people can also use it near castle door but fixed in many famous server
  6. try to use light armor and draco+f+++++++ dont forget to add dex ,str ++ , con -- as dye
  7. try in request help section you will find out what you need
  8. i already try it in dragon x15 but it's didnt work i will try it in some other low rate server
  9. wrong section and this exploits has been posted too many time
  10. i got too many free time then a start searching in google for some mmorpg game and ... voilalala
  11. i start it since around 4 years my first server was a low rate server dragon-network and still play there