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  1. Hi folks. Can anyone share a file wich makes it possible to view the % of debuff land rate. Example : You use skill Silence (90%) or smoething like that... Thank you!!!!
  2. Here some info: What do you get when you mix League of Legends with Savage 2? Land of Chaos Online! With solid W,A,S,D controls and a large variety of characters to play, LOCO offers a unique gameplay experience. Players will be able to upgrade their armor and weapons, and unlock access to additional characters. Take up to three heroes with you into each battle and swap between them while waiting to respawn. Each hero has 10 skills, but only five can be taken to the field at once. Land of Chaos Online has two game modes. The first resembles Aeon of Strife games like DotA and Heroes of Newert
  3. Additional stats never harms your char, and Evasion on dagger class is very important vs Archer types.
  4. Eto kone4no zame4atelno. Vopros odin. l2j ili off ? Esli proga realno rabotaet, to nezabud hide postavit :)
  5. This will work maybe on 10% server's now...Coz it's old... Look on the date. So i will ask a mod tomorow to lock this post coz i see to much spam...
  6. This works only in servers, where u can spam packets at low ms. But this is fixed on all good javas. Maybe working on ~20 online... And about the 5%... lol i dont think this metod increase the success rate of enchanting. I beleave that was just luck or 75%-90% enchant rate on the server.
  7. wtf i cant write my ID and Pass when i use this program.
  8. All other's seems to be alright. To bad i get teleported back to town form AQ,Zaken and Frintezza area after Relogin ;D But still thank you wery much :) btw can you please write me 2 more locations please ;D? 1st. Jail , 2nd. Olympiad Stadium. I think that would be enought :)
  9. With zaken it's all ok. But when i go to valakas i got ported somewhere under cave of trials. please check valakas. I will try the others and update my post. Antharas - ok.
  10. Good idea. Maybe you know one server like that?
  11. I need only the coordinates... For example Baium : 113029 , 14533 , 10077. so that i have only change them into hex and add to phx for tp everywhere i want.
  12. valakas , zaken, antharas, frintezza ,ant queen, Blacksmith of Flame Vulcan, Ember Ty.