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Tired Of Server Admins Messing With You?


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Fed up of admins messing with your game? This thread will give you steps to take to prevent admins messing up your game...


#1 - Protecting your config file. (most important!!).

You need to set your config.cfg file to 'Read-only' status.

This file is located in the directory:

C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\STEAM-ACCOUNT\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg\config.cfg (replace STEAM-ACCOUNT with your steam account) when you have found your config.cfg file Right-click > Properties > Tick Read-only box > Click Apply > Close the window.


Doing this will save your game unique game settings such as your name, video settings amongst other things. So with this on 'Read-only' status, your game settings will always return to their original state no matter what an admin does. Also, if you change your own settings they will also be reverted to their original state upon game restart.



#2 - Having a none-changeable name.

Many admins like changing your name to silly things, or slightly changing your name to have it spelt wrong or make some kind of joke/comment. You can disable ANYONE changing your name, including yourself by doing this:


Open your config.cfg file (refer to #1 if you don't know where this is) with notepad. Scroll to the bottom and add the following on a new line:


alias "name" "say Name_Change_Disabled"


Save the file (you'll need to 'UnRead-only' it to save).

Now if you or an admin try and change your name Name_Change_Disabled will be disabled in chat.

To change your name, either delete the above line from your config.cfg and save it, or change where it says name "yournamehere" in your config.cfg file.


#3 - Creating a config reset key.

Sometimes silly admins bind your keys to do silly things, a popular one is bind "mouse1" "kill" so every time you attack using your mouse you kill yourself, another is bind "mouse1" "say FIRE!!" so every time you try and shoot you say FIRE!! in chat. Indeed a real nuisance. Pressing your reset key will fix the problem.


Open your config.cfg file (refer to #1 to where it is located) open it in notepad, scroll to the bottom and add a new line. Paste this in your new line:


bind " KEY " "exec config.cfg"


Replace KEY with the button you want to use as your reset key, I recommend using J, F11 or F12. For example if I wanted my reset key to be F11 my new line would look like:


bind "F11" "exec config.cfg"


So every time your game starts doing funny things when you press buttons, simply hit your reset key to fix the problem!



#4 - Disabling +actions.

This is OPTIONAL so it's up to you if you decide to have it. It is an addition to your Reset Key, key. It will fix your actions in game so if an admin uses +attack which forces you to fire none-stop this will reverse the effects.

Open your config.cfg file and paste all these at the bottom:






Save the file. Now just hit your reset key if your player starts doing stuff without you touching anything.


NOTE: This will also stop any scripts you may have running



#5 - Harmful Commands to Disable. (Advanced-Users Only).

Some commands harm your game, to disable them from ever being changed/executed/used you need to open your config.cfg file (refer to #1) and add the alias to a new line. It must be a on a new line at the bottom!

I've added comments using // to them.

Only put these in your config.cfg if you know what you're doing and you understand the effects!!


alias "fps_max" "say fps_max_DISABLED" // limits your maximum frames per second.

alias "quit" "say QUIT_GAME_DISABLED" // prevents you or admins closing your game, you must close your game using Task Manager.

alias "quit prompt" "say QUIT_GAME2_DISABLED" // must be used with the above for full effectiveness.

alias "cl_cmdrate" "say RATE_SET_DISABLED" // This will disable your rates being changed by most servers, some admins may kick for having low rates, and some servers auto-kick you because it can't change your rates.

alias "kill" "say suicide_DISABLED" // prevents admins from killing you via kill command, may prevent slaying from some admin mods.


Notes & Things To Remember


* Admins that do this are not 'hackers' they are simply using server side plugins which most servers have.

* If your Reset Key doesn't work type exec config.cfg in console.

* If an admin messes up your computer, you can't do anything lawful to get back at them, apart from never joining their server again and telling your personal CSS friends about the incident so they avoid the server in the future (people at Steam forums are not your CSS friends so don't come telling us about it!).

* Posting in the Steam forums about so n' so admin messed up your game won't get the server admin in trouble.

* There is nothing you can do to 100% protect yourself from server admins.

* The admins are usually the owners or contributors, they can do anything they want, as it is their server. So arguing with them doesn't usually achieve much.

* Not all admins are evil , they are there to help you, not look for reasons to ban you.

* Constant chatting and insults and general stirring in servers provoke admins to punish you, so just behave.

* Admins can't get you VAC banned even if you are obviously cheating/hacking, don't know if this is the case in CS1.6...

* Admins running commands on your game is not illegal, so don't start calling your lawyers if they messed with your game.


Written by Reghar

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