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= Custom Mob AI =

Dav has developed a new form of AI that will allow mobs to behave more intelligently to make farming much more interesting.  This also applies to APC's and Raid Bosses, which have some nasty skill combos.


= APC's =

These mobs that have the appearance of real players adds a nice contrast to the usual humdrum of L2's mobs' appearances.  Much of these APCs you will encounter appear and act almost exactly like a normal player, with skill sets of the corresponding classes they represent.  They will kite you if you have lower run speed than them, they will root/slow you if you run away, and they will UD/UE/Heal if they get low, they WILL assist each other, there are APC healers that will assist, buff, and heal their APC group. 


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3






-Random Spawn

Many mobs found in L2Pride have a large radius or grid, in which they spawn in a random location set around a predetermined point.  Mobs such as Grave Keepers, Xelathouls, and many rare mobs, and a few APCs share this mechanic.


= Custom Weapons, Armor, Jewels and Accessories =

L2Pride's mainstay, it's collection of truly unique stat modifiers and set bonuses makeup a large part of our content.  From Relic Jewelry to Armor to Accessories, every item has a different bonus, mix and match them to create powerful combinations.  All armors have a extra custom enchant bonus when the entire set reaches a certain enchant.  You won't find most of the SA's on L2Pride anywhere else!  Some of these include

  • Armor Penetration
  • Magic Penetration
  • True Damage
  • Increased Damage as target's HP is lower
  • When target's HP is low increases movement speed
  • Increases True Evasion when HP is low
  • Titanium Weapon Active Skill: Sudden Flash, Increases Crit Rate, Attack Speed, and Accuracy for a short duration.
  • Dread Armor Active Skill: Lex Talonis, Reflects 500% Physical damage and 100% Magical Damage (Includes ranged attacks and skills)
  • Ignore Shield Defences
  • 360 Degree Attack Radius
  • -200 Damage from all incoming attacks
  • Increased HP received from HP Drain Skills.
  • Damage increases as distance to target increases.
  • Uninteruptable Casting, while casting a skill P.Def is increased by 1000.
  • When Target is bleeding, each attack deals 50 extra True Damage
  • Too Many to list!


In order of level here is compilation of L2Pride's Jewelry's descriptions:


Dynasty Jewels

Vesper Jewels

Relic Boss Jewels


These are one of L2Pride's lowest armor tiers, Dynasty.  Dynasty has 2 levels, level one is easily obtainable level 2 uppers will take some more to farm up, the level 1 Dynasty main piece is consumed when you upgrade to level 2.  Here is the entire selection of level 1 and 2, just to give you an idea of the class specific stat bonuses.


Dynasty Sets Level 2

Dynasty Sets Level 2.5




There are many different item groups and tiers, for players to work their way to the top.  Here is an example, Dread Weapons, one of the highest weapon groups you can obtain.


Dread Weapon SAs


= Enchanting =

Enchanting on Pride is like no other server, some people love it others prefer the more usual way, of blowing up items over and over forever until they reach the desired enchant.  But on Pride almost every item tier has a different rate/safe enchant.  Almost nothing crystalizes on Pride, with the exception of rare weapons and unique weapons.  But we won't go into those weapon categories, gotta save something right?  Instead of crystalizing weapons and armor usually will return to +3 on failure.  Some items may only be enchanted safely passed +10 with Blessed scrolls.  Enchant scrolls on Pride work out like this:


Normal Enchants - enchants items within the safe enchants at the normal rate of the item tier.

Crystal Enchants - -10% rate, but on failure will not break a weapon that is passed the safe enchant.

Blessed Enchants - 15% higher rate than normal scrolls, these enchants are required for some items.  On failure blessed enchants will return a weapon to +10, instead of +3.

Legendary Enchants - 25% higher rate than normal scrolls, these enchants will not break items, nor change the enchant on failure.  Legendary enchants can surpass the max enchant of some items. (Dynasty, Vesper, S Grade) If you fail while using this scroll it will not announce.

Forbidden Enchants - 100% Success rate, ultra rare, forbidden.


When enchanting at high levels a system message will appear with your result, but not just in the immediate area, the entire server will see your success or failure, the message will display your name, the item you failed and what enchant you were going for.  Also something you don't see everyday is the warning message that pops up in your system messages every time your about to enchant an item.  Once you place the item into the window the message will display the rate that particular item has, and the penalty for failure, be it set to +3, set to +10, Destroyed, or None.  Another interesting point to highlight would be the fact that the rates for all items change as the enchant goes higher.  Meaning the success rate for enchanting gets lower and lower every enchant.  Except for S grade Epic weapons, which are very rare and expensive, they have a static 75% enchant rate that never diminishes.  However, enchanting an S Epic weapon passed +7 will be destroyed, there is no safe enchanting past +7 for this tier.


Enchanting System Message Example


= Buffs =

All of the buffs you could ever want are in our Cat Prophet, which can be found in every town, the Cat Prophet also heals, dispells buffs and saves buff schemes.  But that doesn't mean all buffs can be found in the Cat Prophet, buffs like Victories of Paggrio, and the combo buffs are still only obtainable from players.  The combo buffs have been turned into short duration party buffs that increase the stats they represent, on top of the buffs already on your list.  Also these combo buffs along with other self buffs do not count as buffslots.  Mages and Dagger classes have 26 buff slots and fighters have 28.  You can increase these by 2 buff slots via the divine inspiration manuals, which can be bought for a fair price in the Mysterious Merchant.



= Automated Events =

  • Team vs Team vs Team
        Team with the most kills wins. People are in 3 different teams fighting each other. Blue team,Red team,Green team. The first player who will kill someone gets his name announced as '[GM]Aphelion has drawn the first blood!' and you are getting rewarded with 1 event medal.
  • Domination
        1 zone,2 teams. People should stay under a tower,the more and the longer you stay under the tower the better.
  • Deathmatch
        Players are spawned in the Coliseum and must kill as many other players as they can, the top 8 players with the highest kills wins the event, but try not to die, you will have to wait 10 seconds to be respawned!
  • Capture the Flag
    Classic Red Team vs Blue Team, each team must abscond with their opponents flag and return it to their own flag, but if its not there they won't be able to score!
  • Castle Sieges
    Attackers must breach the walls and doors of either Rune or Aden and seize the castle while the Defenders must hold it for as long as they can. But that's not an automated/scheduled event it's launched manually by us.


= Community Board Features =

Our Community Board has the usual Top 25 PvP/PK/Fame, but what's unusual about it, is you may click on the player's name and it will show you their character information, such as equipment, level, class, and enchants.  It will not show Dyes, Elements, or Augments.  You can navigate to the Equipment Veiwer from the Top 25 List, or the list of online players.  The Community Board also lists the custom commands for L2Pride, such as .lockdown and .accD. 


Top 25 PvP/Fame/PK List

Equipment Viewer


= Custom Commands =

Afraid one of your friends might make off with your new armor or accessories? Yea, me too.  This is where Lockdown comes in handy, simply type ".lockdown <0.0>" time in hours, example ".lockdown 1.3", and your account will be locked down for 1.3 hours.  Meaning your character will not be able to preform an action that can potentially cause harm.  Such as; enchanting, trading, dropping, deleting, PKing.  Now, not really, you can still pk while locked down, but your character gains karma it will be instantly jailed for a minimum of 5 hours and a maximum of however long his/her Lockdown time is set for.  To check how much time is left on your Lockdown, type ".lockdowntime"


On L2pride our accessories sometimes to look odd when used together, more cosmetic than anything, the command ".accD" (which is caps sensitive) will toggle the physical appearance of your accessories 1 at a time.  Other players will see your character normally.


= In Game Password Changer =

One unique feature which allows the player to change his password whenever he wants,wherever he is. But in order for someone to change his password his must type his secre code first. WE DISCOURAGE PEOPLE SHARING THEIR SECRET CODES WITH OTHER PEOPLE. THERE IS NO REASON TO DO THAT.




= Wondrous Cubic =

L2pride's All-In-One service item, provides all the basic features you require.  I would like to draw your attention to the Additional Character Stats, it's a very nice feature and mechanic for people are are interested in knowing the little things, previously unknowable about your character.


= Custom Skills =

L2Pride has an obcene amount of custom skills.  Forbidden Skills are a step up from Forgotten Skills, and are currently obtainable, they are in game and work 100%, but we are unsure of how to introduce them.On L2Pride our Heroes get their Heroic Valor and Miracle, but they also get a few special skills based on their Race.  There are a few highly customized skills such as Madness, which now is a debuff that act's like switch, but you cannot stop auto attacking your target for 3 seconds, in addition you gain high percentage +PvP Damage.


Forbidden Skills


BVM9urY.pngOverpower - Teaches you how to overpower your opponents in a melee fight.  When attacking a target that is attacking yourself in melee range, your swings and attack skills have a high chance of overpowering (blocking) your target's attacks, including magic, Usable only by Titans.


WZyzmL0.pngWan Jian Jue - Teaches you the Wan Jian Jue technique, which greatly increases attack range and AOE capabilities temporarily when not using a shield.  Also increases casting range of Sonic Blaster, Sonic Storm, and Crosscut.  Usable only by Sword Muses.


piHOzO4.pngAir Rave - Rapidly slash your blades in the air with vehement energy to manifest energy blades at your target's location in the distance.  Also damages auto-attackable targets within a 40 AOE radius of your target.  Damage is mostly based on P.Atk and not skill power.  Hits 4 Times.  Dual Sword is required.  This skill can be used 3 consecutive times before reuse delay starts.  Skill consumes 6% of current HP each use, but will not kill you, subsequently this skill is recommended for when you're HP is not high.  Minimum distance to target 100 range.  Dose not cause you to auto-attack your target unless you already were.  Usable by Spectral Dancers only.


AgCuTfD.pngPoint Blank Shot - Forcefully aim your arrow at your enemy's head in point blank range to fire a lethal shot that has critical damage (Blow Type) properties and can knock your enemy back.  Ignores enemy P.Def over 2500.  Ignores enemy skill dodge.


O7u9SC1.pngMana Barrier - Using your mana pool as a force field, redirect 20% of incoming damage to damage your mana instead of HP/CP.  Toggle, continuously consumes MP while activated.  MP regen is minimal when skill is active, unless you are using a two-handed staff.  Usable by Archmage, Storm Screamer, Mystic Muse, Shilien Saint, Hierophant.


YzKGgKd.pngStone Skin - Makes your skin hard as stone, absorbing damage that would have otherwise when to your HP/CP.  Skill effect ends when 5000 damage has been absorbed or time runs out.  During effect P.Def is set to 4000, if wearing robes.  Cast speed -100 if not using a two-handed staff.  Run speed -10.  Stun and Paralyze resistance +15%.  Usable by Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shilien Saint, Doomcryer, Dominator.


pFjnBuX.pngShoryuken - Rush forward to your target and launch a fist uppercut knocking your enemy airborne and back a distance.  Minimum distance 50 range.  Requires 2 Forces, Fists required.  Usable by Grand Khavatari.


Hv4z5yF.pngOverdrive - Temporarily surpass the physical limits of you and your weapon.  Each attack deals 200 more True Damage and damages yourself for 100 True Damage, even when you miss.  True Damage bypasses skill-granted invulnerability.  Critical damage +40%.  MP regen, HP regen and healed amount diminishes while skill is active.  Toggle Skill, Usable by all classes except Mages and Tanks.


gafhFTv.pngDimensional Portal - Opens a portal to traverse to a parallel dimension that is identical to the real one with the exception of spawns.  Can be casted in combat mode. Click skill buff off to be returned to the original dimension.  Any flagged, auto-attackable player, including clan members, random people and yourself, within 55 radius will be affected and sent to the other dimension as well, so use it wisely.  Usable by all Mages.


fx464Z6.pngInescapable Clutch - Pulls a target within 750 range to your location.  Slows target for 7 seconds.  Force target switch is possible.  Increases aggression if target is a monster.  Rooted target, Raid Bosses, and invulnerable targets will cause you to be pulled towards them.  Usable by Tank Classes.


9Ga4yH8.pngLegendary Evasion - The messages contained within this scroll explain how the most minute movemnts of the body in the most oppertune moments can render an impending hit usless as it glances off your light armor at weird angles.  It also teach how to predict where the enemy is intending to strike.  Evasion -5.  Removes the default "25.5% chance to hit you no matter how high your evasion is" mechanic.  This means at sufficiently high evasions (30 more evasion than your attacker's accuracy) the attack will always miss.  Without Legendary Evasion, even you have 25 or more evasion that attacker's accuracy, he can still hit you at 25.5% chance.


izWx150.pngPoint Crash - Hold your ground and rapidly attack auto-attackable target within attack range.  Like Vengence, when used you will be immobile for the duration of the skill.  During the skill, you will be unable to control your character, and your character is immune to all status ailments.  Your character will randomly pick an auto-attackable character within his/her melee range and attack it automatically.  Attack speed, Max Attack Speed Cap +1000 and +1 AOE Target during this skill's effect.  The down side of the skill is that you cannot change the direction in which you're facing during the duration, and thus can only attack those in front of you in a cone radius of 200 degrees.  Skill cannot be alt clicked off.  Usable by Titan and Doombringer.


rcFV5qy.pngPoint Flash - Hold your ground and rapidly attack auto-attackable target within attack range.  Like Vengence, when used you will be immobile for the duration of the skill.  During the skill, you will be unable to control your character, and your character is immune to all status ailments.  Your character will randomly pick an auto-attackable character within his/her shoot range and attack it automatically.  Attack speed, Max Attack Speed Cap +1000 and shoot delay -60% during this skill's effect.  The down side of the skill is that you cannot change the direction in which you're facing during the duration, and thus can only attack those in front of you in a cone radius of 120 degrees.  Usable by all Archers, including Tricksters.


1jgKpFs.pngMind Snap - When receiving close-range attack hits fromt he front, there is a change to automatically launch a cone-shaped frontal AOE Harlequin Wave in front of you, doing magical damage at 220 Power (320 power if using a two-handed staff) and knocking enemies back, at the same time boosts your M.Atk by 90% (150% if using a two-handed staff) for 5 seconds.  Passive effect: Always recieve attacks within 2% chance of triggering Mind Snap.  Active Effect: When the skill is cast, increases the chance of triggering Mind Snap by 9% for 10 seconds (15 Seconds if using a two-handed staff) Usable by Mages.


2SeIyxY.pngConjure Haunt Tower - Use your Necromancy skill to create a deathly abominable tower in front of you for 30 seconds.  The Haunt Tower has the Soultaker's M.Atk, P.Atk, and magical critical rate (85% of) but all other stats are pre-defined.  It has a dark power of 155, resists dark based attacks and is vulnerable to the other elementsin carious defrees.  The Haunt Tower will attack your target first, if it is an auto-attackable character and within 600 range, if not, it will randoly pick an auto-attackable character and within 600 range, and then a monster if no players are present and within range.  It can cast Death Spike, Curse Fear, Anchor and Curse of Doom.  Usable only by Soultakers.


J76hJVt.pngFireball - The classic mage spell is back.  Unleash a massive Fireball at your target.  Fireball explosion does full damage to the primary target and decreased damage to surrounding targets in a 200 AOE radius, depending on their distance to the primary target (50% damage at the farthest point).  Be careful where you aim this spell, because it will hit everyone that is flagged near your target, including party members, clan members, and even yourself if you are caught too close to your target.  Damage increases as distance to target increases.  Has fire element of 30, power of 220 (300 if using a two-handed staff) Cool down decreases when using a two-handed staff.  Usable by Archmages.


WePA8r7.pngBlade Shine - If an attack against a target is a critical hit, have a chance to automatically hit that target another time.  This second hit has 100% chance to hit, to crit and ignore shield Gefence/Overpower.  Passive Effect: +6% chance.  Active effect: +30% chance.  Only works with 1-Handed swords.  Usable by Sword Muses' only.


OVhj8Dk.pngFlying Dagger - Throw your dagger at your enemy.  Ranged dagger blow.  Default blow land rate is not as high as close-ranged blows.  Land rate is increased if user is invisible.  Minimum distance to target is 200 range.  Disarms self upon use.  Usable by all dagger classes.


JVbYJwX.pngHemorrhage - Lacerates a target's artery, dealing damage and causing the target to bleed.  Bleed DOT is weak but the affected will take 6x distance traveled damage in HP under the duration of this skill.  Affected takes more damage if wearing heavy armor, even more is using a shield.  Damage ignores invulnerability and ignores CP.  Damage is avoided if affected is walking instead of running.  When you use rush-type skills, get pulled, or get knocked back, you will also take extra damage from the DOT.  Cannot be cured or dispelled.  Usable by Hell Knight and Adventurer.


mOeBDQE.pngPhaze Shift - Temporarily changed your movement mode.  When you move you appear to other players as if you shift in and out of existence.  Players will auto-lose target on you when you move. 



Hero Skills


SvL8znf.png Thunder Fang - Jumping into the air, utilizing your weapon, you draw all the power from the sky and conduct it onto your enemy and those around him.  Ignores shields.  Chance to paralyze.  Lethal possible.  Holy Element.  Fighter Skill.  Human heroes only.


GCvqXbV.png Striking of Thunderbolts - Use all of your available magical power to conjure fierce thunderbolts from the sky to strike your enemies down.  Can paralyze.  Holy element.  Magic Spell.  Human heroes only.  Large Radius.


zVIA6wK.png Electric Tide - Emites a shocking circle of energy that damages surrounding enemies and has a chance to stun them.  Damage increases the farther away the target is, up to 75% more damage at the edge of the spell.  Power 9745.  Fighter Skill.  Water Element.  Elven Heroes only.


679wPxW.png Holy Lightburst - Shoot down a beam of concentrated light energy at your target.  Decreases attack/casting speed.  Small AOE.  Holy element.  Magic Spell.  Elven Heroes only.


Lv1DHwZ.png Pressure Bomb - Sacrifices HP to detonate a pressure-induced bomb of pure energy at distant enemies that inflicts damage and has a bluff effect.  Ignores shield defense.  Power 9745.  Slight cone AOE.  Wind element.  Fighter skill.  Dark Elven heroes only.


Wkjnny1.png Abyssal Gate - Marks the area in which your target is standing on to be cursed with hellish negative energy.  Decreases speed.  Small AOE.  Dark element.  Magic Spell.  Dark Elven Heroes only.


05jL3Kd.png Megid - When rage builds up to limit breaking levels, heroic Orc warriors can manifest their rage into an exploding force radiating from the self.  It's difficult for the Orc warrior to survive this attempt, as the skill damages the caster for 30% of their current HP.  Fire element.  Large AOE radius.  Knocksback.  You can hit friendly targets with this skill.  Fighter Skill.  Orcish Heroes only.


E8FxOCp.png Volcanic Outbreak - Enlist the power of the magma underground to drive giant spikes of heat-hardened rock, along with scorching molten lava, onto your enemies.  AOE.  Burning damage over time.  Magic Spell.  Orcish heroes only.


MYL6twg.png Crescendo - Summon the force of earth to erupt spikes of rock bursting into your enemies from below.  Bleeds and slows target.  Earth element.  Fighter skill.  Dwarven heroes only.


Wkjnny1.png Annihilation Storm - Targets frontal 85 degree angle.  Silences targets and deals HP/MP damage over time.  Dark element.  Magic spell.  Kamaelic heroes only. 


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= Custom Farming Zones =

L2Pride has 3 Main Farming areas, each as a special attribute.  Cave of Trials is geared toward new players, so we have change COT and all of the Orc continent into an S80 only zone.  Many of these mobs are soloable but there are a few powerful mobs and APCs inside that require a party.  Ruins of Despair is a solo zone, while it is possible to party there, many of the mobs were designed to be soloed.  There is a feature implemented in ROD, so that once a player hits a mob that mob is considered "theirs" and no other play may attack it unless a clan member or a  party member.  Cemetery is a party farming zone.  There are few solo mobs around, but many difficult monsters.  Some are resistance to all weapons but weak to only one.  Also this is where our random spawn grind comes into play, so watch out for Bilencres, Living Nightmare, The Eyeless One, and of course the Cursed Girl! Also, we've set a new farm zone in Ivory Tower which is mainly aimed for newbies(Vesper zone) so they can farm easier than before. The special thing on it it's that it has a wide area full of mobs,and guess what! The mobs can only be hit from Vesper weapons and not any other weapon!


= PvP Towns =

What makes L2Pride, L2Pride would have to be Gludin.  Gludin is a non-peace zone and many would consider the center of PvP.  However to curb pvp farming we have an anti-farm system in place.  After killing Player A, you must kill 3 other players OR wait 5 minutes from gaining a PvP point from Player A again.  Gludin will reward PvP points up to 1,500 unrestricted, but once your over you will not receive PvP points from players with half of your current PvP count.  For example, if you have 5,000 PvP's and kill someone with 2500 PvP's, you will get a PvP point.  But if your target has under 2500 PvP's you will not be rewarded a PvP Point, or Fame, but if that player is in a Clan War with your clan then your clan will receive the clan reputation.


But sometimes new players walk into Gludin and are immediately intimidated, as you should be lol.  This is why we have Orc Village.  Orc Village is similar to Gludin but it is an S80 only zone, like Cave of Trials.  Orc Village also does not allow you to form a party.  Nor can you use healing skills or buffs on other players there.  Also in addition, when entering Orc Village all players names, titles, and clan tags are hidden, their names replaced with "Disguised" and their gender is randomly displayed to other players as 50/50 Male or Female.  You may reach 4k PvPs in Orc Village unrestricted.  But the anti-pvp farm system still applies.


= Killing Sprees =

You are rewarded temporary hero once you accumulate 30 kills without dying or logging out.  You will get a message at 25 kill that you're on a killing spree.  But once you reach 30, it will announce to the server that So-And-So is on a killing spree!  When on a killing spree you have access to all the Hero skills including the special custom ones Race restricted of course.  There are 2 other announcements, Rampage at 60 kills, and Postal at 90.  When you die while on a killing spree, it will announce the amount of kills you had, and who killed you and you will lose your hero, unless you were Postal, in which case you will still have hero for 1 more death, but your "spree" will be over.






= Custom Raid Bosses =



To list some.  These raid bosses have tricky skill combinations and special properties and passives that will force you and your party to work together like never before, for example Lilith has 80% reduced damage from behind and resists 80% of Dread Weapon's damage overall.  She has a 20% chance to reflect physical skills, Uses Demon Wind which knocks the tank back and reduces incoming heal effectiveness.  When a Raid Boss is killed it will announce which one, who killed it and their clan name.




= Custom Hybrid Classes =

To make support classes more interesting and fun to play, SWS/BD's have been edited to be damage dealing classes.  Blade Dancers have light armor masteries and high evasion.  Some of their skills have been edited, for example Poison Blade Dance, is now an all skill AOE silence, including the poison. Swordsingers can be played a verity of different ways, they have Vanguard, if they want to play in heavy armor with a 2 handed weapon, or normal heavy armor with a sword/shield.  But most common would be the light armor, 1 handed sword no shield setup.  Sword Singers have to ability to AOE up to 2 targets naturally, but gain extra targets while wearing light armor and using a 1 handed sword.  SWS have some Gladiator skills such as Sonic Blaster and Sonic Force, and even the custom skill Crosscut.  Doomcryers have been given skills to make them more multipurpose, they can even act as an off-tank.  Hierophants would have to be the most customized class on Pride, with a slew of skills from difference classes, this Melee damage nuker, has truly unique game play.  Eva's Saints and Shilen Saints have even been given some interesting skills that will allow them to compete with Cardinals.  Dwarven classes would seem as tho they've been spliced with Titans, they have low level frenzy and battle roar, along with rage, they're quite tenacious.



= Castle Sieges =

For the time being only two castles are available for attacking is Goddard, with no restrictions.  The number of castles was chosen to promote more mass PvP at each siege.  Which of course may change if our population increases.


= Custom Instances =

L2Pride features a few completely custom instances.  Kamaloka, our daily instance has been coded by Dav, and will allow newer players to gear up quickly, this instance is designed for a 3 man party, if you enter with 3 and someone leaves, the drops from the last boss will be lesser than what it would have been.  Kamaloka is geared toward new players looking to level up quickly and get low tier items quickly.  Dragon Valley Cave instance is a long group instance, for 8 people.  Starting at the entrance and working your way day to the Heart to fight Darion, who is one of the few bosses on Pride with a chance to drop full Dread Weapons.  With many minibosses along the way down, you will be hard pressed for time killing Darion, so don't dawdle!  DVC Instance has a 3 day lock out.  Aden Instance or the Raid Boss instance, which ever you'll call it, teleports your party into an alternate dimension, in this dimension there is a copy for each raid boss in each of its original locations.  You may choose to kill 1 Raid Boss, and after you've killed one the instance is over.  Aden instance has a lockout of 1 week.  There are many other instance in the works, so stick around.




= PvP Name Colors/Skills =

In L2Pride we believe it's necessary to be able to show off as much as possible.  So why not have corresponding name colors to show how much you've owned other players. 




In addition to name colors you'll also receive special PvP Skills, and transformations, these transformations are mainly for show but some have many useful skills, such as the Heretic's Resurrection..  Also the more PvPs you have the lower the reuse is on your Trade chat.  And a fun fact that many people who play Pride don't even know, the more PvPs you have the more CP you have.  For a complete list of the Skill and at what PvP count you get them see below.


Name color changes


1000 - Player name color changed to blue

2000 - Player name color chnaged to pink

3000 - Player name color changed to green

4000 - Player name color changed to yellow

5000 - Player title color changed to pink, player name color changed to light blue

6500 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name changed to purple

8500 - Player name color changed to orange

12000 - Player title color changed to red, player name changed to dark grey

25000 - Player title color changed to dark grey, player name color changed to red


PvP Skills


By7YFjZ.png500 - PvP Music - Regen you and your party members HP. Last 20 seconds.

XUd79dk.png1000 - Battle/Magic force - increase the strength to a party member.

42csWJA.png2000 - PvP Firecracker - Removes paralyzation, silence, sleep, stun and disarm debuffs.

bEagzyL.png3000 - PvP Blessed Body - boosts base HP by 15% and heals self and pets for 12%. Last for 10 minutes.

2QirYLc.png4000 - PvP Skill Recharge - Recharges a party member's MP by 1700.

zOjznaN.png6000 - PvP Skill Focus - Increases you or a party member's base crit and magic crit rate by 30% and gives 100% lose target resistance. Last 30 seconds.

MN4iGaD.png7000 - PvP Debuff - Increase Weight - Slows and reduces evasion on one target.

5xXRM0f.png8000 - PvP Debuff Death Whisper - Debuffs one target; Drastically reducing heal amount, damage absorption, and resuse delays.

1DQdTyK.png9500 - PvP Skill Might/Empower - Increase you or a party member's P.ATK/M.ATK. Last 5 minutes.

4k4vGnB.png11000 - PvP Medusa - Petrifies a target.

i6nJC0C.png13500 - PvP Skill Berserker Spirit - Reduces P.DEF, M.DEF, and increase P.ATK, M.ATK, A.SPD, Casting SPD, and Run Speed. Last 30 seconds.

yqANwNh.png17000 - PvP Resurrection - Bring a target back to life.

IbXjuKR.png21000 - PvP Skill Wind Walk - Boosts run speed. Last 30 seconds.

5OISGdx.png25000 - PvP Return - Instantly return to the nearest town.

zNLdxkL.png????? - PvP Rush - Instantly rushes to target.

wHRHZxM.png????? - PvP Skill Ancient Victories - Not edited yet.

gzlZN00.png????? - PvP Skill Frintezza's Psycho Symphony




200 - Transformation Rabbit

300 - Transformation Onyx Beast

400 - Transformation Cutie Pig

700 - Transformation Doll Blader

1100 - Transformation Frog

1400 - Transformation Heretic

1800 - Scroll of Battlefield Transformation Pixy

2500 - Scroll of Transformation - Red

2700 - Transformation Buffalo

3200 - Transformation Vale Master

3700 - Trasnformation Yeti

4300 - Transformation Oel Mahum

4900 - Transformation Saber Tooth Tiger

5500 - Transformation Gatekeeper

6100 - Transformation Unicorn

7900 - Transformation Young Child

8800 - Transformation Pumpkin Ghost

9800 - Transformation Golem Guardian

10800 - Transformation Inferno Drake


Global Chat


100 - Trade Chat; 1500 seconds reuse (+)

600 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 1250 seconds

1001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 1070 seconds

2001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 935 seconds

3001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 830 seconds

6001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 750 seconds

7001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 680 seconds

8001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 625 seconds

9001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 575 seconds

10001 - Decrease Trade chat reuse to 535 seconds

15000 - Shout Chat available (!)





= Detailed Mob Stat Viewer =

This is pretty self explanatory as seen below.  Any Mob, APC or Raid Boss can be Shift+Clicked to bring up the Stat Viewer.  Paying attention to the Special Modifiers are a must when raiding a boss!




= Marriage System =

We have an extensive Marriage system, complete skill "Love Skills" and other features like .gottolove which will transport you to your partner (cannot be used during Olympiad or if your partner is near a raid boss.)  Also, on L2Pride we have a lot of untradable items, this is mostly due to support the economy.  But no need to worry!  Once your married for 128 days, you will be able to trade any item (other than quest items) to your partner without any restrictions!  The Marriage Skills are as Follows:


QnryrKt.pngIntimate Defense - Drastically increase your partner's P.Def and M.Def.

9xIb2Fp.pngLove & Range - Get angry because your partner is (almost) dead.  Useable when your partner is within 600 range and < 25% HP.

iYbAEpb.pngNuptial Rush - Instantly rush to your partner's location. Usable range 900.

EJb9rp1.pngHoneymoon - Heal both you and your partner at the same time and apply a heal-over-time effect temporarily.  Useable when your partner is within 50 range.

PpniRzJ.pngRekindle - Raise your partner from death.

Zombify - Turn your partner into a zombie for the lols.


Only Intimate Defense and Love & Rage will be available right away, for the others you must stay committed to your partner, and over time you will gain them.


= Olympiad =


The Olympiad period on L2Pride is 2 only 2 weeks long.  Olympiad ends on the second Saturday of the period, every time.  This means on the second Sunday there will be no Olympiad matches held, and Olympiad will resume with the next period on Monday.  Heroes will be chosen shortly after the last match ends on the second Saturday.  Due to the massive customizations in our server, we restrict equipment to normal S Grade armor.  Due to the nature of some of the reworked skills we also restrict some skills, that would otherwise imbalance Olympiad.  Players who compete in the Grand Olympiad games will not be able to use; accessories, belts, talismens, capes or any type of augmented item.  Also no matter what enchant items are they will be auto enchanted to +6.  Elements and Skill enchants are set to 0 during the Olympiad Match.  Because of the diversity of players on L2Pride we have staggered our Olympiad times to best suit all nationalities, the times are as follows:



                    North American      |        European Times

Monday 12:00 AM (-7:00 GMT) | 10:00 AM (+3 GMT)

Tuesday 3:00 AM (-7:00 GMT) | 1:00 PM (+3 GMT)

Wednesday 6:00 AM (-7:00 GMT) | 4:00 PM (+3 GMT)

Thursday 9:00 AM (-7:00 GMT) | 7:00 PM (+3 GMT)

Friday 12:00 PM (-7:00 GMT) | 10:00 PM (+3 GMT)

Saturday 3:00 PM (-7:00 GMT) | 1:00 AM (+3 GMT)

Sunday 6:00 PM (-7:00 GMT) | 4:00 AM (+3 GMT)


Olympiad is up and running smoothly is it was used to be!



= Automatic Donation NPC =

"Donations? SHIT SERVAR!"

Don't worry, the donations for L2Pride do not effect gameplay in anyway.  Players cannot obtain anything via donations that other players cannot get naturally in game.  The only difference is they get it faster, and they support the server!  You CANNOT donate for enchants on items.  Stop asking.  We do however have a nice selection of service items, such as Name Changers, Sex Changers, Race Changes (keeping base class), subclass/mainclass swaps, PvP Increases, Level 90, Clan Reputation, PK Eraser, Weapon Exchangers, Armor Exchangers, and a ton more!


From the time you donate, Paypal sends an e-mail to Dav, who's e-mail is linked with the server database automatically, the information is loaded into the Donation NPC's table and will then be ready to be picked up in game.  To do this you simply take your Paypal Transaction ID# and enter it into the NPC's and you will receive your Donation Tokens.  This whole process is nearly instant, but allow a maximum of 3 - 5 minutes to complete.






Website: www.l2pride.net

Forum: www.l2pride.net/forums


##Update: 30/6/2013: New farm zone / (vesper zone)

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  • 1 year later...

What's really happened with this server? I heard alot of positive words and the last months was offline.. Any explanation about Offline Long time period?

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The server was wiped&updated.


The server is now Online again for everyone. So, I invite everyone to come and have some quality time with us, in L2Pride.


More info HERE

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The server was wiped&updated.


The server is now Online again for everyone. So, I invite everyone to come and have some quality time with us, in L2Pride.


More info HERE

all is ok :)

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help me pls. i can't log in the game. i start l2pride_update and wait for done. but when i click to start, then nothing happens.

i have win 7 64bit ultimate. help me


Please, download the following by clicking on it: DOWNLOAD


This must fix your problem.

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Did you though to make other server to "Build" your own Network? I guess that if you had two servers from different clients should be better.

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hnoke is a scammer, he owns me 90 euro selling me his bugged fu cking engine ,worser than my older engine


dont ever put that moron as a dev on l2 pride ,he told me that he will start a server using DAV files

Edited by 234234SDFSGHasz
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hnoke is a scammer, he owns me 90 euro selling me his bugged fu cking engine ,worser than my older engine


dont ever put that moron as a dev on l2 pride ,he told me that he will start a server using DAV files

I know that he is going to open a server with Dav's files.


He is useless/double-faced. Dav removed his crappy engine from the server.


Gl with your money

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i have the same problem with a mate here...i dowloaded gracia final client i install it then i download l2 pride auto updater i open it i let it do the update and when the start button was opened i press it and nothing happens...l2 pride dont open :/ any help?

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