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Website : http://l2trojan.com Is Online

Community : http://l2trojan.com/forums Is Online

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Trojan

Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/trojantvofficial





Hello dear MxC community we are glad to announce you that Lineage II Trojan will open the gates to you on 1st of March 2013. Server using " L2J Avengers Project Pack "  one of the bests server's revision around. We guarantee HQ features!




Well first of all Trojan is not a server ready to pvp, its a combo from pvp server and high rate server, so items will be not easy but not hard to get. We prevent you from now to dont hear later useless words. We all know the world of l2 full of flame without reasons.




      • XP Rate: x1000

      • SP Rate: x1000

      • Adena Rate: x1000

      • Safe Enchant: +4

      • Max Enchant: +16

      • Enchant Rate: Variable (read more below)      new

      • Element Stone Rate: 50%

      • Element Crystal Rate: 30%




      • Max Buff Slots: 34 (+4 Divine Inspiration)

      • Max Dances Slots: 14

      • Max Trigger Slots: 10

      • Auto Loot: Enabled

      • Auto Loot Raids: Disabled

      • Auto Learn Skills + Forgotten Scrolls: Enabled

      • Class Master: Enabled

      • Offline Trade: Max 12 days

      • Drop Protection: Enabled

      • Player Spawn Protection: 60 Seconds

      • Weight Limit: x1000

      • Max Subclasses: 3

      • Max Subclass Level: 85

      • Subclass Without Quest: Enabled

      • Transformation Without Quest: Enabled

      • Full working Geodata

      • Olympiad retail like (2 weeks period)

      • Olympiad anti-feed system: 1 IP

      • Auction House Manager: Feature from GoD      new

      • Server Rankings: Feature from GoD (Museum Like)      new

      • Command .unstuck : 30 Seconds

      • Trade Chat: Enabled

      • Global Chat: Enabled

      • Chat Restriction: Level 1 - level 40 Characters cannot write in chats (Allowed only in Whisper chat)

      • Chat Restriction: To write in Global/Trade chat you need at least 50 PvPs

      • Chat Restriction: You cannot chat while you area in dead mode

      • Max box limit: 1 IP

      • Mass vote reward System: Enabled

      • Personal vote reward System: Enabled (.vote / .reward)      new

      • Pc Bang Points: Disabled (Untill fix it)

      • Everyday Backup

      • Friendly staff

      • Many Protection in Game

      • Anti DDOS Protection: Enabled

      • Lameguard Protection: Disabled (Untill fix it)

      • Stazis Geodata: Enabled


      • Custom PvP Zone: Solo Teleport / Party teleport (including countdown pvp in a row)      new

      • Cancel Return Buffs: Enabled (10 Seconds)      new

      • Clan war increase/decrease points in pvp: Enabled      new

      • Clan points (5.000) acquired by killing some raids: Enabled      new

      • Grand Olympiad changes: Monument of Heroes script changes (x3 Heroic Cloaks + Heroic Dual Daggers)      new

      • New system: Enchanced ++ buffs npc added Priest Oris      new

      • New currency: Moneds Added      new

      • New unique: Accessoryes Added      new



      • Intel® Core i7- CPU @ 3.10GHz, 4 Cores

      • Ram Memory 16.00 GB DDR 3

      • HDD 1 SATA 3

      • Conn 1 GBPS




      • Nexus Events (Gold Edition):

      Most of you will love this events engine, it brings years of continuous improvements and additions, and they will be improved during this server's life too. We won't go deeper with it because it would take ages to read the resulting paragraph, so

      we invite you to take a look by yourself.


      • Custom Merchant:

      It will include all the gear you need, also some of special things to. The event prizes and donation rewards will also be accessible from this NPC.


      • Custom Teleporter:

      This NPC teleports you practically anywere and for free. But its actually more based on our custom areas.


      • Custom Buffer:

      You have the blessing to obtain every buff you want to. Also its very simple to access and use.


      • Custom Services:

      Services that will make your life easyer in our server.


      • Functional Horn:

      The custom NPCs won't be spawned in the game. You will have to use your Magic Flag in order to see them spawned around you and make use of their functionalities. Everyone will start with a magic Flag and there will be no way to lose it.


      • Custom Enchanting System:

      Enchanting scrolls will be safe, in a way that if they fail your item will not break nor lose its enchant. While your item's enchant level goes higher, its chance to get to the next level will become lower, so you will need to spend more scrolls.


      • Custom PvP Cancellation:

      This option will turn back to you the cancelled buffs in max 10 Seconds. This feature wont be set to true into olympiad games.


      • Custom PvP Killing Spree:

      A luxury announcement about your pvp kills in a big a-beep-t with some reward and other stuffs.



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