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  1. It has 3 proxies (one of them in Miami, USA), donations can be payed in 4 types of currency, GMs are able to speak 3 different lenguages and website can be translated to spanish, portuguese and english. Why shouldn't I call it an international server?
  2. ANARCHY X7 SERVER Based on a Official High Five platform START ON Friday, January 13 RATES XP/SP: x7 Adena: x5 Drop x7 Spoil: x7 - Chance Spoil x1 - x5 (Random) - Quantity Seal Stones x5 Raid Boss EXP: x1 Raid Boss: x3 - Chance Drop Epic Boss: x2 - Chance Drop y Adena Quest EXP x1 - Quest Reward x1(we're going to change some important quests) Fame Points x2 Eppaulete Drop x2 CHARACTERISTICS Trader Bot - FREE Dual Box - 2 FREE NPC Buffer - NO AutoPickup - NO SubClass Acum - NO CLASS CHANGE 1er Change 50K Adena or Donation Coins 2do Change 3M Adena or Donation Coins 3er Change Donation Coins DONATION SHOP VOTE SYSTEM Y VOTE SHOP RELEVANT TIME & DATE Seven Signs January 16 Olympiad February 6 @ 5-9 PM (UTC-3) Hellbound January 13 Siege January 29 @ 2-4PM | 4-6PM (UTC-3) Clan Hall Auctions January 30 Items Auctions (broker) March Transformations (top) March 1 Cursed Weapons February 20 MODIFICATION & BALANCE Badges required for Noblesse reduced to 50 2 Weeks Olympiad Period Olympiad Token reward reduced to half Epic Random Respawn +- 2hrs Baium Lv 81 + Drop added (icarus/vesper weapon) 5' Baium window added after wake up. Raid Bosses Lv 80 Cabrio Hallate Kernon Golkonda Forum: Website:
  3. which are the best classes for both PvP/PvE in this kind of servers? never played a custom GF server like this before, thanks!
  5. 1: having 100 likes at the facebook page the day before the G.O means that advertisement failed (or u didn't even try to advertise) and there won't be a lot of ppl at the grand opening 2: x200 x200 x200 rates with premium account, x500 GCM and 12b Adena is really imba for ppl who can't donate, so yeah, even tho you can't donate for equipment, donations ARE overpowered
  6. im actually enjoying this one a lot, started 2 days ago, already has 800 (real) ppl, see u iG
  7. I joined the beta and I have to say that the server is great, but unfortunately for me and my clan members we have tons of lag since we are from Argentina (South America). Any chance of you adding a BR or a South American proxy? GL
  8. Hey thanks for the infos! But I meant guides for Ertheia chronicle (GoD-Helios) not for the class itself !!
  9. Im gonna try it, seems promising :D PS: Can anyone share some guides for Ertheia? Last chronicle I played was H5 so I dont have a clue about races/skills/etc, thanks!