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WTS [L2J] [Highfive] Eternity-World Emulator

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General Information
Chronicle: High Five 5

We are Reborned from Flame like Phoenix and we are ready to serve our customers!
We are happy to announce our new pack release with new sources.

Includes: New geoengine, Unique AI, Skills reworked +  many custom functions!

Made for all server rates low/mid/high/extreme pvp and custom servers.

Configs made for customers, very flexible and easy to understand.

Sources Based on Eternity-World (it's not l2jserver or l2p)

Any code can be adapted to suit your needs!


A small glimpse of what you can find in our pack.











Community Board























Contact via Skype : LiL_Prince313


1 month free support

We provide our Geodata (for Customers free)

Unique Geodata Engine
Unique engine geodata (note: the geo-engine and Geodata - two different things, we do not provide geodata available, sold separately).
Friendly, walking through walls and doors are not possible. The most effective way of searching for players and monsters (at the lowest possible route)

Game Process

Retail Like Olympiad Games.
Post system works according to chronicles.
Working system Nevit Blessing.
Working service of the Character Birthday. (NPC Alegria)
Reworked all Servants and Pets retail like.
Clans system working.
Working Auction Manager.

Game classes

Skills changed in these chronicles are processed.

All new abilities are realized.

Studying levels ability are altered.


Hunting zones

Antharas Lair

Added new high five quests.

The patrolling monsters - Knoriks working retail like

All location is overpopulated.


Dragons Valley

Added new high five quests.

Ability Morale Boost is released. (It is imposed on group during hunting)

Patrol monsters are released.

Dragon Vortex are released.

All location is overpopulated.


Watcher's Tomb

Old monsters from the Dragons Valley and Antharas Lair are populated.


Tower of Insolence

Monsters are corrected according to chronicles.

Teleports through Dimensional Vortex are changed


Swamp of Screams

The number of monsters is increased.


Completely working Lucky Pig.



All new quests are released. (Including the Olympiad Games)

Reworked the majority of existing quests according to these chronicles.



All new accessories and subjects are released.

The list of the goods in the Bench of the Prestigious Goods is changed.

Dynasty Armor is corrected on S grade.

The list of the goods by everything to Dealers-grocers is changed.

This list, is reduced to the main change of High Five 5 entered in chronicles.

Server Functional
Optimization under big online and stable work.
Item Mall is released. (Shop such as on official servers)
Working Hellbound.
Working Kamaloka.
Working Delusion Chamber.
Epic Boss Freya, simple and hardcore, as well as a chain of 6 quests for this boss.
Epic Boss Zaken is fully consistent with retail servers (night, day and highest Zaken)

Epic Boss Frintezza (Halisha) Complete release
Epic Quest 7 Signs
Subclass Certification.
Parameters attributes summons Retail High Five.
Collecting stones of attributes (collecting in air, in the Seed of Destruction, in the Seed of Infinity and in the Seed of Annihilation) is released.
Complete release Seed of Destruction. (All Stages)
Complete release Seed of Infinity. (All Stages and instances)
Complete release Seed of Annihilation. (include Maguens)
Items\Skills\Instances and many other things are kept now in the .xml files.
Working air ships on the Gracia continent.
Working Territory Wars.
Working forts sieges.
Complete release of "Master Work" items.
Working Beast Farm.
Working studying Squad Skills.
Correct work of all epic bosses.
Working dungeons of forts and castles.
All Pailakas Instances working.
Working Auction Manager.
Correct work of all clanhalls.
Working Pets and Summons.
Bosses of Destruction + ai



Champions Monsters.
Premium Accounts System.
Secondary password (According to the European server)
Unique Community Board (more info bellow)

Multifunction PvP Zone

Vote Reward Mass/Individual

Antibot Captcha System

PvP Announcements

PvP/Pk Reward System

PvP Color System

Infinity Consumables

No Hellbound Quest

Voting Surveys

Auto Server Restarts

Anti AFK

Custom Enchant Rates

Server Brute Force protection

Bot Report Function

Protection from Custom patch auto enchanters/attributes/farmers
Large number of configs for more detailed setup of the server under any requirements.

Events Ariel Engine (released only in our sources)

Event Capture Base

Event Capture The Flag

Event Death Match

Event Hitman

Event Last Hero

Event TvT

Event TvT Round

Event Town War

Event Elpies

Event Rabbits

Event Race

Event Heavy Medal

Squash Event

Event Master Of Enchanting

The Valentine Event

Event L2Day

Main community board functions

Purchase professions 1,2,3






Set of services

Phoenix Event Engine

Community Board (Fully Documented)

Donation page (dress me, enchant, attributes, levels, armors, weapons, jewels & more)

Symbol Maker (Draw, Delete, Buy)

Auction page (detects private stores too)

Ranking Page (TOP Players in PvP,Pk Hero etc)

Blacksmith (All functions in 1 page)

Warehouse (Normal & Clan)

GM Shop  (easy to use & customise)

Buffer (Player & Pet)

Special Shop (for events or votes)

Gatekeeper (All locations easy to customise)

NPC to Community Board (talk to NPC and Community Board opens)

Daily Quests


Released Pages on Community Board








.expon/.expoff (Turns on and off experince gain)

.withdraw/.deposit (Banking System)

.hellbound (Hellbound state check)

.changepassword (Password Manager)

.online (with fake online build in)

.teletocl (teleports user to clan leader for a price)

.repair (repair broken characters)

.dressme (Skins character's weapon,cloak,armor)

.aa (Converts seals to Ancient Adena)

.7rb (checks bones missing)

.sellbuffs (sets buffstore)

.stats (checks missing stats like m.crit, debuff ressists & more)

.combine (for talismans)

Lot's of stuff not listed here can be found in our test server. Ask for a free test drive.


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Very nice server pack , reccomend him and hes pack.

Alot of events customs and  so on...

very nice community system , good for pvp server setup.

Very helpfull guy and try to make the best work as he can.


i will stay as an customer of he's project


GL with sales.




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I recommended this files,  other packs comes with backdoors and lack of support.


the only problem that i saw them is that u dont get the sources, but they are good.


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I bought developer service from this guy and in 3 days server was ready. Very trusted, cheap and skilled developer, really! 


P.S. Very skilled also in custom items, and is difficult to find a good dev. on this business!!!

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