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  1. Very Good skilled dev and files. He was very helpful on his support I am customer since 2012 and I can only say good things about this team. Everything is almost retail and functions perfectly! Don't hesitate to buy this.
  2. High level Dreadnought and Elemental Master Fully Geared Also if you buy both gift a level 80 Spoiler. More info pm on forum
  3. Been customer of this pack 6 years ago. I am happy to see this project revived. Trusted and skilled developers with unique ideas and very easy to work with. Good luck with your sales! :)
  4. Hello MxC long time no see...is there any chance someone has L2Tales GvE patch in his inventory? Would really appreciate if you could share with me. Thanks in advance for your time.
  5. I get your point but the whole purpose of this is to prevent leechers/resellers I guess? Someone is gonna fix the bugs and make money off it again. I am excited to see high five version and how will compete with DeadZ's interface. If it's close to interlude I guess I will change to your interface eyes closed.
  6. Sorry If am being P/A or hateful in any way but nobody should thank you for sharing something so poorly made that's not working. It's like saying that people should thank you for giving away expired/food gone bad or placebo as cancer cure... The fact that you are giving away something you are not gaining profit or value out of it cause it's useless doesn't mean someone should thank you. To be more constructive there is a game breaking bug with your name popping on the screen every 1min or something like that that deletes all chat records. Also, ALt+L with the auto spam skills works but half classes are not being recognized. So their skills are not listed. There is also the skill bars aligned in this strange wow like way... that I have to rearrange every time I log into my game. Another thing is when you try to restart your character the client closes without any warning or C.Error. So far I found these problems and made me sick using that so I reverted back to your previous one. Too bad cause I was excited when I saw the update. Your previous version 3.6.9 was way more superior than this garbage and I am thankful to you that you shared it. This one...just delete it cause it degrades your work and makes you look bad. (My personal opinion)
  7. +1 Trusted Bought 10b everything went smooth and fast. Thanks a lot for the good transaction!
  8. Trusted and Fast everything went smooth thanks for good transaction!
  9. Fast friendly and 100% Trusted I will for sure buy again!
  10. I am selling items in linezeus.com Vorpal Leather Set Full element +4 - 20€ Vesper Fighter - Great Gale Full Element (found) +4 - 10€ Frintezza Necklace +4 - 10€ Package Set Price 30€ (This offer applies only if you buy all items) Accept Paysafecard, Bank Transfer, Paypal (only trusted members). Skype: your.salvation
  11. I can give you 0,50€ for that account to buy some drugs cause you must be high to think you get 100€ in a dead server that GM's give points in oly to his friends dont believe me? of course you go first because you have 0 credibility!
  12. You dont need to pay for something that is free... Just go here: www.download.l2jfrozen.com/index.php?dir=Geodata%2FAkumu34rev%2F download 2 zip files geodata & pathnodes and extract them to the folders in gameserver Change your configs in geodata option, restart server and you are done. Everything fixed! Note: To use pathnodes you need more RAM so I would recommend not to use them if you have less than 2gb ram!
  13. 100% Trusted seller buy anything without any doubt. Thanks a lot Sellero ;)