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interlude L2SandorA RebOrN x75 UpComming 1.8.2012 18:00 GMT + 2! All Will Be There!


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Welcome to L2Sandora Reborn Consider yourself lucky since you've just found the BEST private L2 server. We are constantly in development and have an load of working features. Not to mention VERY active GM and DEV teams.

If you enjoy the server, be sure to vote daily! we are back for your again!






* Experience: x75

* Spexperience: x75

* Party Experience: x100

* Party Spexperience: x150

* Adena: x75

* Consumable Cost: 1

* Drop Item Karma: x10

* Drop Seal Stones: x75

* Drop Spoil: 1

* Drop Manor: 1




* Safe : 3

* Max For Weapon : 16

* Max For Armor : 15

* Max For Jewels : 15

* Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 70%

* Normal Scroll Enchant Rate : 55%





* 24 4 Buff Slots




* C4/C5/Interlude features/skills working 98% (The other 2% we will fix it with your support ig)

* Fishing

* Seven Signs

* Castle Sieges

* Clan Hall Sieges

* Noblesses & Heroes System

* Max Level 80

* All Quests

* Clan Wars

* C5/Interlude Clan System

* subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights) * Cursed weapons

* Weapon Augmentations

* Shadow Weapons

* Dueling System

* All C4/C5/Interlude Skills

* All Raid Bosses  Grand Bosses  Frintezza

* Olympiad 100% Retail like

* DualBox allowed

* 100% Retail like gameplay without any customs

* Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes

* Active and experienced development/GMteam!

* No corruptions!

* Not used accounts will be deleted after 2 months

* NO LAG!!!

* 100% Uptime

* International community

* New character start with 10.000.000 Adenas

* Max Subclasses = 3

* Max Subclass level = 20

* Max Alliances = 3

* All active/passive augments are fully working! (Only 1 ACTIVE AND 1 PASSIVE)

* All flood protections

* Custom Start up zone

* L2Sandora Lifestones Chanse : 20%


Olympiad System


* Retail Like

* Olympiad Cycle = 2 Weeks







* Clan Leader With Clan Lvl 10 Has Color Name And Title Name


Gold Bar System


* You can push double click on adenas and you create Gbs. You can push double click on Gbs and you create Adenas.


Anti - Feed System


* AntiFeed Pvp (This option will enable antifeed for pvp/pk/clanrep points)

* AntiFeed Dualbox (kills from dualbox will not increase pvp/pk points)

* AntiFeed Disconnected As Dualbox (unable to determine ip address)

* AntiFeed Interval (If character died faster than timeout pvp/pk points for killer will not increase)


Killing Spree System


* Sends messages to players with more than 4 kills in a row. Announcements at: 25/50/75/100 kills in a row.


Away System


* Allows Players to change status .away .back


Offline Traders


* Logging out while in private store your character remains online selling and you can't move and you can't take the rewards from voting.


Rec Item


* You can get 255 recs from this item and you can get it from vote reward npc.


Hero Skills System


* You can have your hero skills on subclass.


Daily Pvp Mod


* Every day at 00:00 GMT 2 the daily pvp ends If you are first on the top list of daily pvp you will receive 2 Ls 20% For gif tBut Notice this daily pvp is only for Island not for another Area.




* Top PvP/PK Player

* Castle Lord

* Heros

* Curretly Online Players




* Shout Chat With 30 Pvp

* Trade Chat with 10 Pvp

* Global Pvp Chat (Unique Mode) 3000 Pvp ( with that mode you can speak with Lime Blue color and all server can see what you write on char)


Custom Dueling System


* Using .duel command you challenge a player to a duel of death! The winner chooses one item from loser's inventory No matter if he logs out the winner can still pick an item!!!


Anti-Buff Skill


* Blocks any kind of buff.


Teleport Protection


* Flagged players can't teleport creating more pvp action.



Mana Potion(Unique)


* Mp Mode ( With that mode in towns can use normal mp= 1000 But on pvps mps give 300 mp Only )


Vote Reward System (Unique)


* Vote reward system ( if you are push .votereward you have 1 minute for voting on TopZone  HopZone if you have complete the voting automatly you will rewared x2 from the main voting system )


Custom NPC


* Global Gatekeeper

* Secondary Gatekeeper

* Custom Gm Shop

* Buffer

* Augmenter

* Wedding Manager

* Server Info

* Donation Manager

* Siege informer

* Clan War manager

* Clan Hall Manager

* Clan Manager

* Olympiad Manager

* Class Manager

* Skill Enchanter

* Vote Reward NPC

* Top Stats Manager

* Sub Class Changers

* Tresure Chest Manager [EVENT]

* Nobless Manager

* Account Manager

* Symbol Manager

* Trader

* Casino Club

* Raid Boss Manager



Custom Farm Areas / Pvp / Drops



* Farm Area A Drops : Bronze Cup                            Unique Mode to see how much players inside

* Farm Area B Drops : Silver                                Cup  Unique Mode to see how much players inside

* Farm Area C Drops : Golden                                Cup  Unique Mode to see how much players inside

* Farm Area D Drops : Adena Have 2 Areas ( Easy and  Midum ) Unique Mode to see how much players inside


* Pvp A      Unique Mode to see how much players inside

* Pvp B      Unique Mode to see how much players inside

* Pvp (MASS) Unique Mode to see how much players inside



Custom Raids  Grand Bosses


* L2Sandora Raid 1 Drops : Earth Egg: A-Grade x5 ,  Destruction Tombstone x10 , Dragon Heart: A-Grade x5 ,  Cradle of Creation x5

* L2Sandora Raid 2 Drops : Nonliving Nucleus: A-Grade x5 ,  Memento Mori: A-Grade x5 , Angelic Essence: A-Grade x5

* L2Sandora Raid 3 Drops : Bronze Cup x15.000

* L2Sandora Raid 4 Drops : Silver Cup x12.000

* L2Sandora Raid 5 Drops : Golden Cup x10.000

* L2Sandora Raid 6 Drops : Life Stone Lvl 76 x10 ( Only from this rb you can get lifestone ingame.)

* L2Sandora Raid 7 Drops : Adenas  x100.000.000


* Queen Ant    Drops : 2 Ant Queen Jewels

* Core        Drops : 2 Core      Jewels

* Orfen        Drops : 2 Orfen    Jewels

* Zaken        Drops : 2 Zaken    Jewels

* Baium        Drops : 2 Baim      Jewels

* Antharas    Drops : 2 Antharas  Jewels

* Valakas      Drops : 2 Valakas  Jewels



Respawn Time For Raid Bosses  Grand Bosses



* L2Sandora Raid 1  Have 3 Hours ReSpawn Time


* L2Sandora Raid 2  Have 2 Hours Respawn Time


* L2Sandora Raid 3  Have 5 Hours Respawn Time


* L2Sandora Raid 4  Have 4 Hours ReSpawn Time


* L2Sandora Raid 5  Have 3 Hours Respawn Time


* L2Sandora Raid 6  Have 6 Hours Respawn Time


* L2Sandora Raid 7  Have 2 Hours ReSpawn Time




* Queen Ant Have 21  Hours ReSpawn time    8  Random Time

* Core      Have 30  Hours Respawn Time    8  Random Time

* Orfen    Have 30  Hours Respawn Time    8  Random Time

* Zaken    Have 60  Hours Respawn Time    8  Random Time

* Baium    Have 112 Hours Respawn Time    8  Random Time

* Antharas  Have 180 Hours Respawn Time    24 Random Time

* Valakas  Have 200 Hours Respawn Time    24 Random Time


NOTICE THAT : For can you teloport to Grand Bosses you Need 1 Raid Token ( you can find it on Trader )





Custom Events



*TVT Event: It's a team vs team event. You have to fight against the other team and kill 'em all. Prizes: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS if you are the Top Killer


*CTF Event: Capture the flag and defeat your opponents! Prizes: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS


*Clan War Event: In this event you can take your clan and request a war against any clan you want any time you want. Note that your clan must be at least 5 level and you must have at least 20 clan members. Once you make the request, you will have to wait until the opponent leader approves! If he approves then it's up to you and your mates to beat 'em and win the prizes! Prizes: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS


*Strider Race Event: It's a race with striders. Try to run faster than everyone else and finish before the others! Prizes: 1st: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS 2nd: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS 3rd: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS


*Treasure Chest Event: Try to find as much lucky chests as possible. Only 5 out of the 300 chests are lucky chests. Prizes: 1/5: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS 2/5: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS 3/5: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS 4/5: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS 5/5: WE PUT THE PRICE AT 2 DAYS


*Quiz Event: Find the correct answer on our quiz and win prizes! Prizes: Randoms Items


Custom Commands


* .pmlog: Shows the past weeks personal conversations.

* .report: Report a player who you think is botting.

* .duel: Challenge a player to a duel of death! (winner gets to pick an item from loser)

* .noduel: Duel refusal mode. Works only for custom duel!

* .joinevent: Join any of the currently running event.

* .leaveevent: Leave any of the currently running event.

* .answer1/.answer2/.answer3: Pick an answer at the Quiz event.

* .chest: Teleport to antharas' nest where Treasure Chest Event is taking place.

* .away: Sets your status to away signifying you are afk.

* .back: Sets your status back.

* .stat(You can see stat of other player)

* .ipblock(You can block from somoen to pm/trade/more)

* .teleport ( You can make a teleport on siege time ]





* DDoS Protection Russian  , GRE Tunneling Over IpSec, Filter 40.000.000 PPS

* LameGuard Protection (Phx-Walker-Hlapex-L2Net)




* HD *


* Intel Xeon E5650 6/12 * 2,66 GHz

* 34 GB DDR3 ECC Registered

* 120 GB SSD 560 / 515 MB/s - 2TB 7200 PRM

* Unlimited GB inklusive / Flat

* Onboard / Software RAID

* 2 - 8 Port Controller

* 1000MBit FD Fast-Ethernet Anschluss

* 10,000MBit Full Duplex optional

* Geswitchtes Netzwerk

* Keine Kollisionsnetze

* 2 IP Adressen pro Server inkl.

* RIPE-Antrag fur mehr als 5 IP-Adressen


* SW *


* Linux Debian 6.1.3 Last Version



Our Web Site : www.l2sandora.com


Our Forum : www.l2sandora.com/forum






* Skype  : antwnic.deathlegend

* Msn    : l2sandora@hotmail.gr

* Support : support@l2sandora.com

* Donate Support ( When Donates will be Online) : antwnic.deathlegend ( skype ) or in game @SandorA-


GRAND OPENNING 1.8.2012 18:00 GMT  2 

Server Based And Running on L2Java Our Own Project We running this pack and we test this pack 4 Years for any problem IG plz contact with us for help! Regist on Forum for More Information Stay Tunned all for the Openning! L2Sandora is Back for you again!


Now you can view All NPC Of L2Sandora Mid Rate Server!


Main GK




Secondary GK
















Top Stats Manager




Clan War Manager






Account Manager




Main Shop Till B Grade




Secondary Shop A-Grade / S-Grade








Class Changer








Nobless Manager




Casino Club




Skill Enchanter




Clan Manager




Vote Reward Shop




Raid Boss Manager






Server Info





[move] Thnx All For Support me ! Have a nice game! over 500 People Waiting the opening do not miss it![/move]

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Hello Guys So after hard work on

Pvp Server now after 4 Months online

of High Rate Server i am glad to announce

to every player we will open and seconldy server

Mid Rate ! X75 1-8-2012 TIME : 18:00 GMT +2 Server will be Online!

Prepare for the best International Interlude Mid Rate Server x75



[move]I Will put Tommorow the Features and Informations of the Server thnx again For Support me![/move]

You can check all the new site! WWW.L2SANDORA.COM Have Fun!

I hope to be succesful and not sh1t like the pvp server...

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Requesting lock, he has another thread same server http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=240027.0


He has x5k server,this one just opened and its x75. Chek features better next time.

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I remember the old old server when max was +16 but are very hard to enchant and people running around with MAX +7 weapon a lot of fun and better balance

but no now all have this fucking idea of +16 so have fun with this shit

(ofc if you considering my idea of server old style you can't make donation for +16...)

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