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interlude L2 Amelia Retail Like x2000 Fresh High Rate ,With Awesome Features

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ahaha if they open too fast it gonna be just like l2awakening..

where everything was fuked up..oly was fuked up..mages were fuking nerfed..ol's fuking op..geodata all fuked up..and then with corrupted staff it even becomes worsee

just open ur server when u have everything running smoothly..

one advice would be open a beta for some of us to test...

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Imo you shouldnt add malaria etc on buffer.

Actually i'd prefer it if you could remove them completely, but im not alone here, ask what ppl wants :p


why not man :) ? it will be maybe goood :D

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Just make a server with some of the same features of l2lastwar..believe me that that server could be great if they had decent dev's and active staff

farm system and vote system should be equal to l2lastwar..

dont make ur server just like all the others, where u get full+16 in 2hours..that stuff should be harder mens..that's why every server dies so soon.

add atleast 3rb's to drop some stuff like bogs top clan reputation sh1t smthg..

add event manager 1h by 1h

get oly working 100% no dc's

make blessed not 100%, and make an npc where u can get 100% enchant through vote coins..


get everything balanced, get augments balanced too..and never add augments to ur donnation list, unless half server has augments already..

make it hard to get rb jewels (through vote coins) and ls's..that's what gonna keep ur server playable and people wont leave in first week..imo

daily updates, daily fix's..that's the way..dont make server too easy (take a look at l2lastwar, it's a pvp server but u dont get

full rb set in 2days, neither full armor in 2hours..people will fight for epics this way..there will be mass pvps on ur server..that's what's missing on pvp server out there atm)


my 2cents

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