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interlude L2 Amelia Retail Like x2000 Fresh High Rate ,With Awesome Features

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  • Amelia History:Amelia Developed from Experience Developers,from 3 Country we have start Work for Amelia project 4 Months a go,Our
    Server files are Private.We can Promise a good Gameplay and 1 good Balance,as developer we know 2 thinks about Lineage 2.Our Server Hosted on Freance,Is not a homemade
    Server,and we have that Protections which Called(DDOS Protections).
    Our Staff Member:
    Owner: Zak|Country France|Age 27|Sex:Male
    Administrator Joanna||Country France||Age 21|Sex: Famele
    HGM Dorian||Country Australia||Age 23||Sex: Male
    Contact with us For any Suggestion,or if you want to ask something.
    • Zak@l2amelia.com

Here is Zak 6/24 Online

  • Joanna@l2amelia.com

Here Is Joanna 8/24 Online

You can Talk with Us and with Skype

  • Support-Joanna
  • Support-Zak





• Experience: x2000

• Spexperience: x2000

• Party Experience: x550

• Party Spexperience: x550

• Adena: x5000

• Drop Item Karma: x1





Enchant Rate


• Safe Enchant: +8

• Weapon Max Enchant: +16

• Armor Max Enchant: +16

• Jewels Max Enchant: +16

• Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 80%

• Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 100%

• Mid Grade Life Stone 8%

• High Grade Life Stone 11%

• Top Grade Life Stone 25%



Custom Features


• Tattoos (mage-fighter)(You can obtain it From PvP Item's)

• Anti Buff Shield

• Custom Farm Zones

• Clan Lord Announce

• Top Player Announce

• Top Pk Player Announce

• Hero Announce

• Banned Players Announce

• Jailed Players Announce

• Killing Spree System With Reward.

• PC Bank Point System

• When someone other kill you ,there is 1 auto panel and show him stats(All stats items+)

• When you create a new char you start from Custom Leveling Area.There You can level up very easy.

• Offline Traders.

• Cancel Skill: After 20Sec you receive back your loosing buffs. (If you play a mass pvp,buffs will be back after 20 sec

• Custom title depending on your PvP's (e.x newbie, medium, pro, legend, hitman

• Report System (You can Report Someone in game,and there all player can watch about him (and him stats)

•Anti-Buff Shield Only For Farm Zones/Pvp Zones/Sieges.Anti-Buff Shiled is Auto.

• Killing Spree System With Sound's(a Special sounds with 6 Diferents Sounds.)

• Panel For players(There you can see many things)

• Custom Name Colors depends pvp kills

• Nobless Custom Item

• Clan Reputation


• There Allowed Only 1 Agument


• 1 V 1 Custom Event,There is 1 Manager,which you can Reg ,and Play with another player 1v1,

• 2 V 2 Event (Party Event) there you can play 2v2 in a good place,and you can collect Points

• In that 2 events,in the end Of week the 2 players with the most points,we will get Good Reward.

• TvT Event

• CTF Event

• DM Event

• Wor Event






















•Client Interlude

• C4/C5/Interlude features/skills working 99%

• Fishing

• Seven Signs

• Castle Sieges

• Clan Hall Sieges

• Noblesses & Heroes System

• Max Level 80

• All Quests

• Clan Wars

• C5/Interlude Clan System

• subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights)

• Cursed weapons

• Wepon Augmentations

• Shadow Weapons

• Dueling System

• All C4/C5/Interlude Skills

• All Raid Bosses

• Olympiad 100% Retail like

• DualBox allowed

• 100% Retail like gameplay without any customs

• Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes

• Active and experienced development/GMteam!

• No corruptions!

• Not used accounts will be deleted after 2 months

• NO LAG!!!

• 100% Uptime

• International community

•No Clan Penaldy

•Max Buffs Slots 36 +4

•No weight

•no Grade Penaldy




Vote Reward System


-There is 2 Vote Zones.




-Reward Info

•Hopzone Reward:5 Hopzone Item

•Topzone Reward:5 Topzone Item



Olympiad System


• Olympiad Work: 100%

• Retail Like

• Olympiad Start Time 19:00

• Olympiad End Time 1:00

• Olympiad Max Enchant +6

• Anti Feed Protections(There is not Waiting List)



Custom NPC


• Full GM Shop

• VoteShop||Farm Shop

• Full Buffer

• Custom GateKeeper

• Skill Enchanter Manager

• Augmenter

• Class Manager

• Server Info

• Top Status

• PC Bank Point Trader

• Weding Manager

• Anti PK

• Casino Club

• Siege Manager

• Event Manager




Dedicate|Internt Connection


- Intel Core i7-920 Quad-Core

- 24 GB DDR3 ECC Registered

- 2 x 750 GB SATA 3 Gb/s HDD

- Unlimited GB inclusive / Flat

- Onboard / Software RAID

- 1 GBit OnBoard

- 2 IP addresses inclusive     

- Located Germany


- Software


- Linux Debian Squeez 6.0






- Protection Against (Phx-Walker-Hlapex-L2Net).

- DDOS Protections Network Building (Tunnel)



Our WebSite:www.L2Amelia.com Online

Our Forumwww.L2Amelia.com/forum Online

Server Grand Opening Date this Week!,Enjoy your stay

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Hi again,We are working only in Freya,Epilogue Client,but because we saw there is not any Interlude server,we think to make 1 Interlude client Server,and we dont know something about that epicworld.

about l2awakening i can say we saw it on topzone and here on maxcheaters.


Your Server Has nothing to do with Us.

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Well to be honest, I don't see anything unique in your features.


Hello ,if you have any unique idea or any suggestion you can contact with us via pm or in our contact forms thanks.

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1 Question Your ddos protection Enough you think?  Because %85 All interlude l2j servers dead by ddos attacks :)

And If you can give some info about donations Augments etc , I'l be happy. Thx :)

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change that feature please with tatoo  by pvp items ... i like to play bishop sometimes and i have friends also who play only bishop , so change it for better gameplay :P

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