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  1. Im trying to find a way to make on interlude necromancer's death spike look like C7 etc death spike, the red thing but i dont even know the file that i have to open nor how to transfer it from another client, can anyone help me? Sry if its in the wrong section, i wasnt sure where to post this.
  2. So, ive been searching for an interface for some time now and found 5 of them and kinda combined 3 of them into one better (for my needs and prefereances). I've been using them for 3 servers w/o any issue, until now. The new server that im playing at find these 5 files 'corrupted' . I'd like to know if anyone has the experience to help me find what I have to change so i can make it work If any of you wanna help, i can send the 5 files.
  3. How do i remove the "classic" dmg on screen? i like my old style dmg on top of the screen..
  4. if you wanna play for a week is gr8
  5. i will honestly let them search every single file i got in my pc to confirm that i dont have
  6. I started playing couple weeks ago and now that i tried to log i got banned on log in O.o i tried new accounts too and they got banned too, i dont have any 3rd party or anything. I only changed the env/command/systemmsg BUT i tried to delete the whole file, reinstalled the client and paste full clean system of server. Tried a new account and banned again O.o wtf?
  7. Is there a way to have fun in this server w/o playing dagger class? (or maybe archer)
  8. 5minutes now i managed to log in once, for 3sec, then i got c. error.. :okey: