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L2Epic-World || A Retail C6 PvP Server Grand Opening 14/7/12 16:00 GMT+2

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By seeing K0za being in conversation with you, We're out of server! This server gonna fail before open!

Corrupted shits!



well so?you can add me on skype also.




im talking with more than 15 peoples/day in our skype,you can add me too


PS.Delay 15-20 minutes to our grand opening,stay tuned.

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Top Posters In This Topic

i'll join for sure :D


tnx you,many peoples join and many not,we got a small problem with website,if you cant download the patch from site download it from here



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First of all max in server is +10 for armor/Jewells so dagger's Hiting Retail Like.

Secont There was 30 Buff Slot now Increased to 45.

and the last Daggers was a little OP,because there max armor is +10 Daggers Fixed now.


And Server No have Any Corruption!


That koza add me in skype Just for ddos protections,but alrady i had ddos protections.


Thenx A Lot!

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still waiting you my friend,also the same for deathlegend


vendeta-farm changed-its easier now,join us

I don't attack servers, I don't like ddos.


I have anothers ;d


Anyway, good luck with your server.

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