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  1. What about to increase the exp-rate to x80-x100 since it seems to be a pvp project with this kind of enchant-rate, also your pve system is terrible bad, Actually you gonna destroy the economy of the server if you keep it up.
  2. Server closed forever, You better delete this topic already.
  3. Things are about to be serious, I'm 2 old for this anymore.
  4. I thought you would be smarter than the last time but as i can see you keep up your stupidity.
  5. Would be great, if you keep up the retail time of summoners buff.
  6. It was quite wrong that he didn't informed people about his movements after the shutdown, he should've made an announcement.
  7. You fckin freaks, The only way to solo a cardinal with dagger is landing your lethal which happens only on retail. There's even a dyes named +DEX that's increasing your Shield def rate (speed, attack speed and critical rate) that bishop is focred to use. GET REAL U FCKIN L2J BULLIES STARWARS PLAYA! Including root, which's kind weird!
  8. Wipe your mouth, there is still a tiny bit of bullshit around your lips. Bullie-boy!