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[wts] l2j experienced dev for hire

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Do you want to add some unique features to your l2j based server?


Or maybe you have problems with server performance and/or exploits/bugs?


Tired of geodata problems?


PM me and I can code anything you will think of, into your l2j-based server!


Examples of some of my works:


Highly optimized networking routines of l2j core - no lags, mobs warping or other unwanted issues, with over 2000 mobs in one place:


Custom: physics and object collisions without client mods:


Custom: more physics, napalm-like bombs, frag explosives, new AI models with extended fractioning system, scavenger and bounty hunter type mobs that fight for the control of territory, that can evolve and form gangs, new types of features like diseases (that can spread and effect different chars in different ways)...


Custom: scavenging AI models, individual droplists for every mob (whatever he finds and picks up, becomes dropable item from it's droplist. additionally mobs can wear equipment like weapons, armors, that they find...)


Custom: yet another, slow-mo demonstration of example physic support item, that explodes, sets on fire nearby mobs, and generates wide spread panic over larger area (causing mobs to run for their lives). Also shows GeoEngine v3 + VectorEngine use for pathfinding and los, over unlimited distances, not only for players, but for all moving objects.


Custom: most recent demonstration of pathfinding and los with my reworked GeoEngine and 2nd stage of VectorEngine (notice that mobs move noticeably more realistic-alike, additionally without any kind of los/geodata issues). Also demonstrates 2nd stage of my Fractions expansion used with new AI models (you will notice 4+ different types of organized mob groups, each having different goals and strategies - eg. royal guards are powerful mobile, wandering soldiers that protect obeying the law, but there are also thieves that issued assault on town of giran, and also goblins allied with orcs, that are trying to use situation to their advantage...).


Also made tons of events etc. PM me to hire me to improve your l2j-server based projects.


//EDIT: Some hires screenshots (except from what I showed in the vids, you will notice my community server, ingame player panel with usefull tools [eg. additional message channels, showing pvp/pk info, additional skill info like chance of langing, etc. and all of those can be turned on/off at any time.].



Custom message channels in action:



Other stuff, like ingame dropcalc with bookmarking, waypointing, detailed infos (like recipe calculator, item stats...):

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For sure one of the best L2j developers, awesome work

P.S. Wydaje mi sie ze ludzie na tym forum, nawet nie docenia twoich mozliwosc oraz tego co zaprezentowales na filmikach :/

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