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[L2J]Lineage II Extensive - x1000


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Welcome In Lineage II Extensive Network!

We Are Running On Interlude Client And We Are Working On Java Files.

Join In Our Server And Support Us With Your Vote!

Our Server Style Is PvP , We Don't Like Boring Farm! So Join Us To Feel The Best Moments!



• RateXp = 1000

• RateSp = 1000

• RatePartyXp = 100

• RatePartySp = 100

• RateDropAdena = 10000

• RateConsumableCost = 1

• RateDropItems(Karma) = 1



• Safe Enchant = +5

• Weapon Max Enchant = +20

• Armor Max Enchant = +20

• Jewels Max Enchant = +20

• Normal Scroll Enchant Rate = 75%

• Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate = 100%

Αugmention System.


• High Grade Lifestone Rate = 15%

• Top Grade Lifestone Rate = 20%

• Max Augments : 1 Active - 1 Passive.

Unique Features.


• New Characters When Login They Use Firecrackers.

• Bank System. When You Press .deposit Auto You Obtain 1 Gold Bar aka GB. With .withdraw It's The Opposite.

• PC Bang System. Every 10 Minutes You Obtain Automatically 10-20 PC Bang Points With Chance 20% To Take Double Points.

• New Characters Spawn In Custom Zone With Auto Level 80.

• PK Protector! When Someone Takes Karma The "Protector" Give "Anchor Skill" To Karmagedon.

• PvP/PK Reward. Every 1 PvP/PK You Obtain 10 Cp Potions.

• Special Message When You Take PK.

• Special Colors In Name/Tittle With Commensurate The PvP/PK.

• War Legend System. When You Take 30 PvPs In A Row You Obtain Hero Aura Until You Die.

• In Order To Speak In Global Chat You Must Have 50 PvPs.

• Unique Killing Spree System. When A Player Hits An A-beep-t Of PvP's An Announcement Appears.

• Announce Castle Lord When Login.

• Repair System. When Your Character Stuck Or Have Problem Press .repair to fix it.

• Social Action System. When You Press Like , hi , yes , haha , no Character Make Social Actions.

• Special Vote Reward Every 5 Votes With Special Rewards.

• Unique PvP Zone With Random Spawns.

Server Informations.


• Buffs Time Increased To 3 Hours And Item Skills Reuse Decreased To 2 Sec.

• New Chars Start With 500kk Adena aka 500 Million.

• Buffs Slots Increased to 70 And Debuffs Increased to 6.

• Inventory Slots Increased To 300.

• Unstuck Time Is 20 Seconds , And Spawn Protection Is 21 Seconds.

• Death Penalty Disabled. No More Recoveries!

• Flood Protection To Avoid Exploits And Bugs.

• Dual Box Allowed. In Olympiad And Events You Can't Join With Dual Box.

• Farm PvP Protection. No More Feeds.

• Community Board Enabled.

• Max Subclasses Are 5. Non Stackable Of Course!

• Hero Skills Are Available On Subclasses.

Custom Currency.


Extensive Tattoo. Stats : 8% HP,8% CP,8% MP.

Nobless Status Item. Granted You Nobless Status.

Extensive Coin. You Can Find It From Farm Zones.

Extensive Stone. You Can Find It From AutoVoteReward.

Unique NPC.


Full Global Shop. --> You Can Buy Armors , Weapons , Jewels , Misc.

Special Shop. --> You Can Buy Bless Scrolls , Boss Jewels , Shields etc.

Unique Buffer. --> Buffs , Songs , Dances , Chants , Resists , Pet Buffs , Nobless.

Global Gatekeeper. --> You Can Teleport In Kindom Areas , Townships , Interlude Areas , Farm Zones.

Skill Enchanter. --> You Can Enchant Your Skills.

Augmenter. --> You Can Augment Your Weapons.

Raidboss Informer. --> You Can See Raibosses Status.

Clan Manager. --> You Can Increase Your Clan's Level.

Server Informations. --> You Can See Our Server Informations.

Ranking. --> You Can See Top PvP/PK Players.

PC Bang Trader. --> You Can Exchange Your PC Bang Points For Accessories.

Unique Warehouse. --> AIO Warehouse. Clan , Private.

Siege Manager. --> You Can See All Town Sieges.

Vote Rewarder. --> You Can Buy Some Items With Extensive Stones.

Contact Informations.


• Email --> lineage2extensive@hotmail.com

• Support --> support@l2extensive.com

• Skype --> [ftp=ftp://LineageIIExtensive]LineageIIExtensive[/ftp]

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You don't know your own webpage? o_O


http://l2extensive.com/features.html --> Game-play info --> Last line ("Custom Armors But Retail Stats. You Don't Need Any Patch! Retail And Balance Stats.")

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By the way.. info on your website and the info u gave here is not the same.


Forum - Chance To Obtain Skill Is 20%.

          - In Order To Speak In Global Chat You Must Have 20 PvPs.


Webpage - Chance To Obtain Skill Is 25%.

              - In Order To Speak In Global Chat You Must Have 50 PvPs.


I guess you copy/paste your infos after all.. ;)

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