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interlude [Interlude L2J] New Server Lineage II JustUs


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Server Info:


Exp:1000x SP:1000x Adena:2500x Party Exp:3x


Hero System Work!


Noblesse System Work!


Subclass System Work!


Event - all monsters drop Silver Coin & Golden Coin - Drop Rate 70%


Custom NPC Buffer - 8 Hour buff time


Custom GK


Custom Zone


LvL Zone


Custom Items Dynasty/Epic


Boss Jewels in shop


Enchant Rate:


Safe Enchant armor/jewels/weapon +15


Maxim Enchant armor/jewels/weapon +30


Enchant Rate: 60%


Balanced System




I hope u enjoy it !

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what you think?


that wasnt there before when i posted. If it WAS, i wouldnt have asked. I know what the title of the thread was, and i asked a valid question. Cuz Kairon forgot to tell anyone in the title or his post.


>>>>Reply #8 on: Today at 01:04:35 PM<<<<(My 1st post)


>>>>Last Edit: Today at 02:56:31 PM by A-Style <<<< (edit made to Kairon's post)

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