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  1. the server is using AION-Unique, if that makes a difference. Ignore the ignorant comment from this TEO guy.
  2. lol, its not for me man. Im trying to help this server. They have a problem with ppl going to poeta and ishalgen just killing lvl 1 noobs. Believe me, its not my problem. I just know its possible, and wanted to see if anyone knew how to make a code for it. Im not savvy like that. dont just assume. cuz now u seem stupid. good job. we had a good system for porting by typing //goto (map name). but it had to be removed because of this problem. I wanted to see if anyone knew how to create the code to have restrictions to resolve the issue, so we can keep the command to //goto. Its a high
  3. Would anyone happen to know a way to restrict a player from being able to pvp with a low level character by restricting the pvp to someone above level 30 (as an example). This would be for a private server, obviously. Im looking for the proper code to set this. It should also make it so that someone under lvl "30" could not attack anyone else also until they reach the proper level. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. its a fun server, i've been playing it for a while now. Nice features, always adding more. And a high enough rate to still have a life xD
  5. when i use skills it disconnects, when i dont use skills im fine, but i still take too much damage to stay alive.
  6. the problem with my first character was it stopped at lvl 9. I played the server the next day, and i guess the logging off and on helped get it to work. After that, any character i made worked. But it threw me off, and made me believe i wouldnt be able to lvl more. Was a good server, but now its closed by the admin.
  7. Server/site/forum are all DOWN! fix!!!!!!
  8. yea... this is retarded.. You obviously dont know enough english. I cant undersant what the hell u mean by ur post. I'd like to try it, but it just doesnt work the way u explained it.
  9. thanks for the tip ;D ill definately give that a try.
  10. I started to download the client from somewhere.. and the download timed out at 48%. Im not gonna try again from the same place. Took all day to get that far and it didnt even work. I tried one before that even, and when the file finished.. the files were corrupted and left me no other choice but to download again. 2 days trying to get an Interlude client. 3 strikes and im going back to Kamael. :-\
  11. that wasnt there before when i posted. If it WAS, i wouldnt have asked. I know what the title of the thread was, and i asked a valid question. Cuz Kairon forgot to tell anyone in the title or his post. >>>>Reply #8 on: Today at 01:04:35 PM<<<<(My 1st post) >>>>Last Edit: Today at 02:56:31 PM by A-Style <<<< (edit made to Kairon's post)
  12. yea.. sounds like they are updating the kain servers rates to 5000x pvp server and rpg server are different rates (obviously) ill wait for the new update to the patch. Hopefully it will work after its done. -thx Thanos
  13. deleted system folder.. put in the L2galaxy system folder.. deleted files contained in the system textures folder from L2galaxy. Put in Both patches. still = crit error. Client is up to date.. Like i said, i can log into the bartz server when i do a full check of files and put in the hosts file. But i cant log into the kain server (stuck sub) becuase the files create the crit error.