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[Share] Ultra Buffer (Freya and H5)

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Hello Mxc ,


This is my new buffer i make and i want to SHARE it here :


Here are some photos :




Here is this link :



Now let me explain you how to install it :


1) First of all go to C:\FreyaServer\gameserver\config and open with nodpad file " General.prop "


2) Press ctrl+f and serach for "Database Custom Tables"


3) When you found it , make the settings like this :




4) Then extract the sql files into your database


5) Copy all files to the right positions


6) Go to "C:\FreyaServer\gameserver\data" and open with nodpad file "scripts"


7) Search for "# Custom" and on last line of Custom section add this




so it looks like this :




8) restart Your Server


9) /spawn 99999    into the game and enjoy


Credits : *NeverMore* ( me )



Ps : report me any bug / problem ...



I didnt test this on H5 but i hink it will work fine !

When some test it plz leave me a comment ....



Thanks for reading

Pass: NeverMore

nice buffer never :)
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Wraio bafferi NeverMore.. Apla ekei sto intro pou leei "apo emena, pare free buffs".. to xalaei. Anyway kalh douleia, an kai to vlepw gia remake auto opws opws gia to mellontiko project mou... Will c :P

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