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good bug for ewc :) in dn


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hi ppl

i made it 1week ago :D and its really good bug :p

u take Sh lvl 62 and u down it to lvl 42 , than go to near Treasure Box (lvl 42)

u kill they with hurricane (1shoot) :d

than they drop ewc ;) and u have to be lucky for enchant :D

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on DN there was before a deleveling NPC : what a good time ^^


yeah... good old C3-days :D


Anyway about skill when de-lvling: you can maintain skills up to 10lvls above your lvl... eg. a PP can lvl to 44 and learn Haste lvl 1 then de-lvl to 34 and still keep it. And if he goes to lvl 33 he loses his skill... at least thats how it used to be I think xD

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