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5x C5 [OFF] Server Looking for Staff


Dedicated to bringing back "The Good Ole Days!"


First question people are asking me is what Extender will you use. We are using Azures C5 Files and Client protection  :)


A quick introduction. I have been playing L2 since C1 but have been out of the loop for awhile now. Last server I played was Aerith from its beta until it closed..so yeah been awhile. I am from Montreal QC, canada am a father of 2 and 33 years old. Yeah I know..old :P About a month ago I got the itch to start playing and started looking for a private server and was amazed at how many there were now! I spent about a week trying servers and was disgusted.....servers run on home boxs, retarded donations, bugs, servers closing after a week, servers getting hacked, corruption, bad population........gg!


The community is fakked. We need some real high quality servers to bring the players together. Right now they are scattered all over thousands of servers, and there are many that have quit altogether but would come back if there was some more quality servers to play.


So...that being said I decided to start a low rate C5 server 5x to be exact.


I am a busy guy with 2 kids and a 40-50 hour a week job. No way I can do a project like this by myself. I have been lurking MXC for a longtime so it is my first choice of where to post in trying to recruit some skilled people for this project.


What am I looking for?


Currently looking for 2 advertising reps  


Those of you that have been visiting this thread will notice the rates changed in the title. After alot of thought and talking to various people I changed the rate to 5x. That is where it will stay.


This is not for profit. Just for those that have the skills and want to become part of what should be a great server and community. I am going to take the time to make sure things are done right so if you are short on patience it may not be the place for you.


If you are interested please join me on IRC (I do not use any messenger services and will not respond to PMs here)


Website- http://www.l2insomnia.com


Server- irc.dal.net

Channel- #L2Insomnia




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