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  1. Just bought 4 billion, fast, trusted and reasonable when it comes down to prices.
  2. The webpage is under construction, within this or early next week we will have a fully functional website which will offer a little teaser, of what we have in mind for features, events and much more...
  3. Can't you see? EndArt ups i ment Narda! Oh no sorry he doesnt know what L2off is.
  4. After I saw the video I will play for sure :)
  5. It's not even worth sharing this crap, but good job anyway! You know what they say. One man's trash is another man's treasure
  6. credits dont count ha :)? I know who you got it from and who made it for real and yes its the L2x one which you edited a bit... Oh I just remembered about some AI codes which YOU made :) after i gave u my ai!
  7. no its the one i was useing for L2x :D so its safe :P If im mistaken then my bad and gratz to bbanhammer :)
  8. ;P thouse clans basicly playanywhere there is some pvp
  9. Anarchy > endART!!!! :) i hope u people really dont think sawk is any better then bbanhammer?
  10. This should be moved to Spam section! kkthxbb
  11. Finito I'm your number one fan! No one can spend their life on maxcheaters like you!
  12. a C4 lowrate like good old times... As I remember L2Gold was running C4 as main and C1 as well...
  13. Finito you dont need to explain me :) I had two servers in the past.