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  1. The amount healed will depend on what we set it as. It will be a small amount with a decent cool down on the skill. Not going to be superman if you use it.
  2. I have updated and added a feature list. I will update my first post here in a few minutes as well. We will stay Interlude.
  3. It won't stay Interlude :) Some updates posted http://invictionl2.com/forum/index.php?topic=11.msg59#new
  4. See he didn't even have time to make a real post and the writing is slanted suggesting he typed that with only his left hand.
  5. Server goes to the datacenter in a few days. I just received it last week from the DC I had it in the US. Feels weird to have it in my hands known how many thousands have played and spent so much time on it :) Heres a Pic...pretty boring looking for how much fun it generates :D
  6. You can read a little about us here http://invictionl2.com/forum/index.php?topic=2.0 We are looking for one Advertising Rep. This person will be responsible for making, maintaining, and updating all Inviction L2 ads. This means voting sites, forums, blogs etc. If it has to do with the L2Community we want our name there. This person must be a member in good standing on at least 2 Lineage 2 related sites/forums. You will be responsible for making weekly reports to me in our staff forums on the Ad Campaign. You will aslo be allocated a monthly "allowance" to spend on the ad campaign for I
  7. Well reason would like to do it that way is it's a big source of mass PvP :P
  8. No the updates will not mean a wipe everytime. Everybodys accounts, chars, items stay through all updates.
  9. The exact amount of time for updating chronicles has not been 100% set we are still thinking on it :) As for "retail" style play, yes and no. One of the things I realized after Insomnia was people do not have the time to play L2 these days, or they are bored of grinding. We are going to try and keep the "feel" of the game but there will be some things introduced to make things easier for those with little time. AIOs- Usually I would not have these in a server but they will be available on Inviction but must not leave town. Buffs will most likely be set to 40 minutes. This simplifies level
  10. It means the server will start out as Interlude and than every month update to the next chronicle until we hit Freya :)
  11. Yesterday I signed the contract for the servers co-location. Just need them to provision the space and get back to me than I'll go put it in its new home. Most likely Monday ;D NOTE: We are going to go just straight Interlude. After a couple days of doing test upgrades between our Interlude files and HB files the problems are just too many. While I really wanted to bring a server that allowed people to play through the Evolution of L2 at this time it is just not possible. So we will start and stay Interlude. The rates will stay X25 I will update later today with a more complete feature l