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  1. Im looking for a LAN LoL Account ranked Gold or Higher. Thanks in advance.
  2. Recommended ... I know him from a few years ago.. I bough him an account in L2 Hydra.
  3. There are so much talent around us, im not just looking for the guys with blue nickname and im going to pay for his service.
  4. I am an investor looking for serious people who likes to work in team, assuming responsability and compromise this entails. Requirements Language: English (Recommended) Spanish Availability: Availability schedule fixing any immediate issues Ventrilo (Recommended) Teamspeak Skype Experience: Developing a L2OFF Server Atleast 2 years playing Lineage II Age: 19+ And many other things that will be seen at interview There are 2 spots free This is a serious project with dedicated server hosted at datacenter 24/7 Request your interview with an email where you specified the following: Full Name Age Servers where you have worked (if u have) Knowledge by developing a server Contact: Email - [glow=red,2,300]if selected, will receive an email specifying the time and manner in which the interview will occur[/glow] Best Regards - Have a nice day
  5. mmmm updatin way is too slow :3~
  6. In order to make a random spawn just insert many spawn points. For Example: <spawn X="147408" Y="-46448" Z="-963" /> <spawn X="147520" Y="-46432" Z="-963" /> <spawn X="147408" Y="-46896" Z="-963" /> <spawn X="147536" Y="-46896" Z="-963" />
  7. whats the way to set Autoloot drops? (auto pickup) thanks -