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  1. I've seen your videos at youtube, you are already using it, can you share it?
  2. Can you share this? i just want the interface i'm not looking for functional options, thanks in advance ^^
  3. Hi guys, someone have High/Low CPU Usage file for interlude? I remember playing playing a IL server and there were 2 options in the launcher for CPU Usage Low or High. thanks in advance.
  4. +, please since a lot of us can't reg in rawr.su, reupload it.
  5. So, there's no solution for IP and MAC ADDRESS ban? how can the GM ban IP a MAC ADDRESS, if you can change both of em
  6. it was fixed on my server... but try for share
  7. You have reached the download limit for free-users. Would you like more? Get your own premium account now! Instant download access! Or try again in about 15 minutes why do u use rapidshare? when i download one file i need to w8 some minutes for download other f2cking rapidshare anyway thx for share i downloaded all