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  1. InfiniteAION is the most worked server... its creator started working on it before the game was even published! the best low-rate server that is around.
  2. Aion has more features, better graphics and there is a great job done on this game... So when I played it for the first time... I never again played my (until then) favorite game, L2. As a continue to L2, AION is better and completes Lineage.
  3. I didnt understand anything... I'll never be a developer! :'(
  4. Oute egw esena... :P Syxnazw sta Lineage II Exploits [Greek] & [English]. Paliotera empena syxna sto site, alla stamatisa to L2 gia ena xrono... K twra xanaarxisa. Mallon giafto den me xereis
  5. +φωνω οτι εκφραζουν την αποψη τους, αλλα δες. Τα ιδια γραφουνε... ολοι την δυσαρεσκεια τουςμε αυτο το trick. Ας γραψουνε κατι διαφορετικο. Οχι να κατεβαζουνε καντηλια επειδη θελουν κανουν οτι ξερουν τα παντα... ή να ανεβασουν τα posts τους...
  6. Afto ginetai, alla o server 8a prepei na ine gtp gia na se afinei na anixeis 2 trade taftoxrona [edit] kanto hide giati exei ginei post kai proigoumenws...
  7. Den 8a prepe na en8arineis tous allous na lene ena (sketo) "thanx". 8eoreitai spam. K logika afto to bug 8a prepei na pianei... an k den ime hero gia na to dokimaso
  8. Egw den 8a to skeftomoun... den to ixera... (ime noob? :-[ )
  9. Welcome... and remember... dont spam xD
  10. Gracia... because its easier to enchant skills safely ;D
  11. Spellhowlers rule in Gracia final. I CANT KILL THEM!
  12. 1) Den mpaineis jail otan agoraseis polla items, aplws otan patas 'buy" den ginetai tpt 2)To jail synh8ws ine gia panw apo 15 lepta
  13. Welcome man, I hope you have fun discovering the 200+ post exploits :P