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    One Piece Fan..!! ---> R.I.P to Portgas D.Ace
  1. Hello there.....i want to sell my acc on L2Tales! Info: Soultaker lv85 Noblesse (all skills active & passive +30) Elegia Tunic set +8 lv7 Sacredium+7 lv7 (passive Wild Magic) Elegia Jewerly set +6/7 Bless Freya +6 Top Belt PvP Deff +6 Οlf T-shirt +10 Vorpal Light SET +8 Lv7 Tezza Neck+4 10b adena and some other mats etc...... pm me here on add me on skype Stamatisfutzi
  2. Want to sell my items on l2nanna DC R Set x2 Draco Set +4/3/3/3 x1 TT Jew's: Neck+3,Ring+3,Earr+4 Maj ring's x3 maj neck x1 BO EAR x2 +6/7 Greater CP Pots = 660 Soul Seperator (rsk.haste)+1 Arcana Mace CLEAN IC Shield Dc Shield 990 Torch (tradeble) 3 EAS 6 MID LS 76 Green+Red Cry stage 12 1 BOG 40 TOD +++++many many Mats!!!
  3. WTS/T ITEMS ON L2 MID Major arcane set DC Set + other full parts 3/4 MJ Set TT Set + other full parts 3/5 Damascus duals damascus blade 200kk adena many many mats.....like mold's ls 76 mid high etc....!
  4. maybe interested in a trade? http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/185348-wtt-items-on-l2-tales/
  5. well.....100kk? nah its a little bit low i think... ;)
  6. only 200kk? :D do u have anything on l2 mid?
  7. oh...okay dint know that....been for a long time out of mxc :D
  8. WTT items on L2 Tales for items on L2Cartel L2 TALES : Vesper noble robe set +6 att lv4-5 +++ vesper jew neck/ear/ring ring+ 4 dynasty ear+6 Vesper buster +6 300 dark 500kk+++++ adena for more info pm me or leave a comment;)