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Status Updates posted by SweeTs

  1. "Also, things we have not seen yet and things that we do not know yet… it is foolish to fear them". 

  2. I used to treat people well, but now I just treat them the way they treat me.

  3. Why is the rum gone..?!

    1. AccessDenied


      Cause tryskell leech it for aCis

    2. Katherine


      Star Guardian Gragas


    3. AccessDenied


      η απο πανω μου προσπαθησε να γινει αστεια αλλα τελικα δεν..

  4. Damn gurl, you are so sexy.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SweeTs


      .. when you mad.

    3. AccessDenied


      SweeTs what if i leech aCis latest revision, add 1 config and claim copyrights and sell it to tryskell for 100 euro?

    4. SweeTs


      Sounds legit. Go for it.

  5. Can I get a comment?

    1. Celestine


      No you are L2 ModTroll thats why :D

    2. Reborn12


      Where is AccessDenied?

    3. `Sanctus


      He found real life.


  6. Choose honesty over perfection, every single time.

  7. Stop bumping your minds :D

    1. Tessa


      There will be no difference... :D

    2. SweeTs
  8. Once upon a time..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SweeTs


      which wanted to reach the stars, but..

    3. Reborn12


      But Ganja is Already the Stars :D

    4. AccessDenied


      (reborn you fucked up the story delete ur comment)


      ..but a mighty enemy named aCis stands in his way.

  9. Time doesn't exist, clocks exist.

    1. Katherine


      work work work work sleep (3 hours) repeat

    2. AccessDenied


      Katherine aka rihanna .. work work work work work maxtor work work work work maxtor maxtor work


    3. Authority


      dar dar dar dar ............. war war war war ......... la la la la ..... ta ta ta ta - Is something like that the music for me :D

  10. Overthinking kills your happiness.

  11. Your body is the stone, you sharpen your mind on.

  12. A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's: She changes it more often

    1. Tryskell


      No fuck for SweeTs this night, feelsbadman.

  13. There are some who do not fear death, for they are more afraid of not really living."

  14. Stacy, ohhh Staaaacy !

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    2. `Sanctus


      Love bunnies.

    3. SweeTs


      MvY, not your business!

    4. MeVsYou


      stacy is my business



  15. It isn't easy, but it's worth it.

  16. You can't sell dreams to someone who has walked through nightmares.

  17. " A mujahedin once told me that fate in life gives us three teachers, three friends, three enemies and three great loves. This dozen, however, is always covered, so that we do not know who is who, until we will not love them, not leave or not beat. " - Gregory David Roberts

  18. Yo bro, take a chill pill.. and just go with the flow.

    1. Tryskell


      I took too much pills, I see a flying elephant...

  19. The most currupted staffer inside