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  1. x1 is a little too much. why not make it x5-10 base exp/sp/adena and have events that give a 2hr rune for x10-x20 exp/sp/adena?
  2. What kind of deadbeat moron puts safe enchant to 20 and max to 25? what is the point of 5 enchant difference? Appalled by the stupidity of EU admins and devs. No wonder servers like this fail after a week. GG!
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a script to help me bypass math captcha that looks like THIS thanks
  4. Just logged on. OBT said to start from 8th till 14th. It's the 17th and OBT is still going. People are telling me official start is on the 22nd. Degenerate admin. Absolute degenerate to not even have the ability to write proper start info.
  5. It's just insanity that I'm seeing in the forum's private server sections projects with safe enchants of 25 or so on Pvp servers. I'm in awe at such stupidity. To add a safe enchant of 25 is abysmal and I wonder how these "devs' justify these features...
  6. Complete failure.... Features are awful English description is poorly written Another EU server with nonsense add-ons that kill the game. gjgj
  7. This is a DISCUSSION and only a DISCUSSION Hey MxC world, I'm an old time member of the forum, since 2010 to be exact, and I've been playing L2 prior to joining. I have experience with various platforms, chronicles, and the game in general. I was born in a Russian-speaking household and raised in Canada. And in order for me to retain my native language I play on RU servers (private mainly) THIS is where the question of mine comes in. I've played on EU private servers advertised on TopZone, L2HopZone, and here all the wa
  8. It was my friend but I will prob make one soon. Subscribe to us if you can!
  9. Hey guys! This is not a technical or what ever else request. I have a clan on Xbox 360 called: "Motion Global" we are still new and we would love if you go to our channel and subscribe to us. Thank you so much for people who do. CHANNEL: www.youtube.com/motionglobal Here's our video, a demo, more coming!
  10. Good luck and please answer your pms..
  11. I know the owner and I used to be a aprt of this project. If it is Akken then I was soing to set up a network with him, he separated and the reason he has unbalanced donations is because he wants as much money and as soon as possible! Server has TOO much customs
  12. Full of customs =. FFS is there a good server now days/
  13. it says its run by company
  14. Im sure ti doesnt take years to make rules. Maybe an hour? unless your retarded :D
  15. Wow this is a weird situation that he got promoted to L2Mod
  16. Omg, lelouch is here too, *facepalm*
  17. Hero Potions, Baium Hair, lmfao customs, free host, free domain, list goes on and on and on and on and on
  18. I know its waste of life, but I wanted to substitute the words in exact pattern like you :D
  19. its a life waste you freeking idiot