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  1. Hi, guys! Welcome to L2 Saint Seiya!! OPEN 29/04/18 L2 Saint Seiya Video Freya Chronicle * Exp: x3500 * Sp: x3500 * Adena: x350 * Enchant: safe +20 / max. +25 * Buff Slots: 28 + 16 (+4 Divine Inspiration) * Duration Buffs: 4 hours * Class changes: NPC without searching * No Quest Certification * Skills: Machine learning * Number of alliances: 5 clans in Alliance * Zodiacal armor: Bronze, Silver, Gold. * Planetary Jewels by Drop of Raids (Baium, Valakas, Antharas, Queen Ant, Zaken). Events * Team VS Team * Raid Star Event: Prize depending on the Raid * Great Event 12 of the Golden Knights * PK Surprise * Athena Event * The 7 Pillars of Poseidon Event * Elpy Zodiacus Event * The Force of Zeus Event * Dragon Race Event This server is private and, of course, free. The effort of the people who make this project come true encourages you to play and to feel the strength felt by our beloved "Knights of the Zodiac" when armed with their armor. Bronze armor, silver armor, gold armor, armor of all kinds are implemented in this server ready to feel the power of your power Enter this wonderful world of Lineage 2 Freya with the universe of The Knights of the Zodiac and have fun with your friends! (And with your future friends too) NPC * Globak GK * Vip GK *Buffer * War Area (Random spawn) * Anonymous Area PVP * PvP / Pk Rank Npc * Raid Boss Npc * Custom Armor Npc and much more .. P.D: leaders who come with their clan, has an initial reward, send PM.
  2. Is not it true where you get that? not really that because I just bought, you have one you say it with such confidence?
  3. Hello, im selling l2jguard without IP restriction. Can be used every time you want only in h5 servers. Description: Chronicle: H5 Price: 40USD Payment : Paypal as gift or paysafe (+20%) Contact: skype (iborx5)
  4. good images and npc thanks friend, greetings.
  5. NeverMore at the top npc pvp / pk also wanted to add a top of fame, but I get error when I try to do you could help me with that? greetings.
  6. NeverMore Thanks as always, your contributions help others thanks: D
  7. thanks, you must manually add the coordinates?
  8. that good npc friend, thank you excellent
  9. that good idea thanks friend :D
  10. I do well, but how could I make this award not those who kill a pj the same ip?
  11. I have a problem, when you load the Game server, I get missing zone 5555. what will be the problem of this?