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  1. Lolll.. This is the most bugged server .. too mch customs bro.. :D and what is this site?? everytime when i go to site.. patch automatic download .. i got it 5 times in my download folder .. haha lol :D spellhower starting with dark crystal robe.. all stats ok but.. 3600p def. ?? necro start with arcane +0 12k m atk?? :D :D WTF? and there are wings.. tattoos.. weapons and other custom shits.. :D when u got dynasty armor ( With 2 hours farm ) p def 2500.. dark crystal A grade p def 3600... :D L2Neo pack??
  2. Server Information Server Rates: ● XP/SP: x9999 ● Adena: x1 Enchant Info: Weapon +50 From Event +60 Armor +50 From Event +60 Jewels +50 From Event +60 Safe: +25 Enchant come back after unseccesfully enhchanting to: +25 Blessed Scroll %80 Crystal Scroll %100 Server Features: ● Server Main Tower Talking Island ● Custom Tatto. 5k HP 5K CP 1K Pdef 1k Mdef 100runSpd 500AtkSpd 500MatkSpd ● Custom GK. ● Custom Buffer. ● Custom Clan Service. ● Custom Raid Info. ● Custom Top 10 Server players. ● PvP Custom Reward. Collect 500pvp. Hero Coin. ● Store Value is L2-Talking Special Coin (Be Carefully What yo
  3. is this a joke? why all files from patch are in one folder.. :D i dont wanna play puzzle..
  4. # Anti HLApex System ..... cmoon :D:D rly?
  5. and nAw.. server will go down after 1 week max.. right? :} like every new home server :D
  6. learn the f***ng.. INGLISHHHHHH (english) :D